Frequently Asked Questions about Cedar Shutters

Cedar shutters are a durable and practical choice.

If you’re looking to get window treatments, you might want to consider cedar shutters. Here are some frequently asked questions about them.

Why should you choose cedar shutters?

Cedar is the most commonly used wood for shutters and exterior applications. It is durable, so we use it to keep the quality of our exterior shutters steady and reliable. Here are ten reasons you should choose cedar shutters for your home and office.

  1. Cedar shutters have straight grains and can resist harsh weather conditions. This enables them to withstand shrinking, swelling and warping.
  2. Cedar is durable, and so are the shutters.
  3. Cedar is resistant to decay.
  4. Cedar contains a naturally occurring preservative oil that makes it resistant to insects, chemical corrosion, decay, moisture, and other damaging elements. This makes cedar a favourite material choice for long-wearing shutters, fence posts, docks, railroad ties and other outdoor applications.
  5. Cedar is easy to work with, which makes milling and finishing easy. It is also an affordable choice of material for shutters and other applications.
  6. Cedar is available with a rough surface, which adds a textured look. It is also available smooth.
  7. Cedar has low shrinkage, so the chances of your shutters shrinking is also low.
  8. Cedar is dimensionally stable, making it resistant to twisting and warping.
  9. With proper finishing and wood preservative treatment, cedar can be low maintenance and deliver decades of trouble-free use.
  10. Cedar shutters make your home more valuable both aesthetically and financially.

What makes cedar easy to work with?

Cedar trees produce lightweight timber with a fine, straight grain and a uniform texture. This makes the wood easy to cut or saw and easy to insert screws and other fasteners into it. Cedar can also be machined to any pattern or planed to a smooth surface, giving you plenty of finishing options for your cedar shutters.

Can cedar shutters insulate your home from extreme heat or cold?

All cedars, especially the Western Red variety, have a higher thermal coefficient than other softwoods. They are also higher than concrete, bricks and steel. This means that your cedar shutters can keep the heat out during summer and ensure that your home is nice and warm during the winter months.

Are cedar shutters good noise insulators?

Cedar shutters are good noise insulators because they can keep a lot of excess noise out.

What is the best finish for your cedar shutters?

With painted cedar shutters, the fine grain will still show through, creating that slight ripple effect that you often see. You can also choose an oiled finish, giving your house, barn or warehouse a natural look.

Why do cedar shutters turn grey

Why do cedar shutters turn grey?

You will sometimes see cedar shutters that have turned grey. That is because when the wood is left unfinished, it will naturally weather to a grey colour, giving it a rustic appeal.

Do treated cedar shutters last longer?

Cedar shutters would last longer if they are given a protective finish or seal. However, cedar wood – particularly red cedar – is known for its inability to hold paint well. That’s because when red cedar is milled, the surface gets burnished and then forms a resinous mill glaze that resists paint from penetrating. But you don’t have to be concerned because a good shutters supplier knows how to prep and paint cedar. So, whether you want to go for a natural (stained and sealed) or painted finish, you can rest easy knowing that your cedar shutters are made to last longer.

How long can cedar shutters last?       

Along with the protective natural oils found in cedar, this type of wood also contain the right amount of moisture. With proper treatment and finish, this can ensure that you cedar shutters last for at least 30 years. In addition, proper maintenance and regular cleaning make them more durable, thus, adding more years to your shutters.

As with any wood, however, durability depends on so many factors. You should take into account the shutters’ exposure to extreme weather conditions on top of accidental contact with water and proper maintenance routines.

How easy is it to maintain cedar shutters?

Cedar shutters are not challenging to maintain. Depending on your cedar shutters’ type of finish, you can follow these easy maintenance tips.

  • Oiled cedar shutters need to be re-oiled every 12 months. This process rejuvenates their appearance and stops the wood from drying out and cracking or warping later.
  • Cedar shutters with an electro-coated or e-coated lacquer finish need regular application of silicon-free furniture polish. This should be applied using a soft cloth to avoid leaving any abrasion marks whilst allowing your shutters to look fresh.
  • Cedar shutters with other types of finishing can be brushed off regularly to remove dust or grime. Make sure to use a soft cloth, feather duster or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Note: As with any other wood products, cedar shutters should not come in contact with water unless they have been treated with a water-repellent finish.

How do you clean cedar shutters?

Cedar shutters generally require minimal cleaning. The occasional maintenance can be done using a soft cloth, microfiber cloth, feather duster or a damp sponge. You can also run a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment over them to remove dust. Fortunately, unlike most curtains, cedar shutters do not generally accumulate much dust, grime and dirt.

What can you expect from cedar shutters from Shutters Quickly

What can you expect from cedar shutters from Shutters Quickly?

You can find our western Red Cedar shutters in two colour classifications: light/medium and medium/dark. You’ll be able to choose from various shades within these two-colour ranges, anywhere from white to deep red or brown.

We coat our cedar shutters using a UV-stabilised lacquer to protect the wood and increase the durability of the shutter while maintaining the natural timber finished look.

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