Temporary Blinds

Why wait for privacy and light control? Get FREE temporary blinds while you wait for your blinds or shutters to arrive!

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, are renovating or are waiting for new blinds or shutters to be installed – temporary blinds are a fantastic solution to control light, privacy and thermal regulation while you wait.

Shutters Quickly knows that life can throw you curve balls, and no one likes waiting for their window coverings, so we offer FREE temporary blinds with every shutters and blinds purchase.

If you’re looking to buy temporary shades to tide you over until you have a more permanent solution, Shutters Quickly offers a price beat guarantee of 10% on any genuine retailer price for a comparable product – so what are you waiting for?

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What are temporary blinds?

Temporary blinds – also known as paper blinds or adhesive blinds – are a little known but excellent window covering solution for short term use or for people on a tight budget like students and those renting their property, as well as those waiting on their more permanent window covering installation. They can be easily installed and removed without damage to the property, and look super neat and tidy one put up.

How long do temporary blinds last?

Surprisingly, temporary paper blinds can last a fairly long time once put up. Some customers report theirs lasting 6 years of more, so while they are intended as a temporary solution, they certainly have some staying power.

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Temporary Blinds »

The benefits of temporary blinds

When it comes to looking at if temporary window coverings are worth it, the price of temporary window shades versus their benefits is impressive. They can come in different levels of thickness to let in more or less light, including black out temporary blinds for those on night shifts or who simply want light fully blocked out in their home. Some other benefits include:
With so many factors in their favour, it’s no wonder that temp blinds are becoming such a popular short term solution for window coverings.

How do you install temporary blinds?

Removable window shades are super easy to install and remove. All you need to do is:

And when it’s time for them to come off, there is no permanent damage or marking on the window! Simply peel off, and remove any remaining adhesive on the sill.

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Temporary blinds are an affordable, quick, and easy temporary solution to covering windows. They are thin fabric panels designed to be temporarily attached to the top, bottom and/or sides of a window frame with magnets.

They keep light and unwanted eyes out and fit virtually any window size because the panel is one-size-fits-all. An additional benefit of temporary blinds is that they offer protection from weather elements such as rain, snow, or high winds while only attaching with magnets – no nails necessary! This makes them perfect for renters who can’t remove wall material such as wallpaper without damaging it.

1. Measure the width of your window to find the length of the correct rods for your blinds- if you’re using wood, measure with a 5/8 inch blade
2. Hang the rod on top, then drop in one or two sticks or brackets below it to hold up each side
3. Attach the bottom ends of each piece tightly together, at least 6 inches above where they meet, then attach a hook that hangs from both sides and loop it over a nail or screw 8-12 inches off the ground at any height that allows you to fully open and close your blinds easily
4. Once you get all your hardware set up and adjusted where necessary, install any flag pieces needed.

A lot of window treatments can be cut carelessly, but not temporary paper blinds. When cutting them, the blade needs to be angled away from the paper and then put in a single motion in order to avoid tearing and ripping.

Since they’re meant to only last long enough for decoration, temporary blinds are typically not measured when being cut so all their length measurements vary widely. If you want them even at both ends so you don’t have uneven lengths dangling on either side of your windows or doors at odd lengths hanging downward, add about an inch or two on each end so that when they are trimmed later after installation it will look neater.

Temporary blinds can be a great option for people on a budget. Temporary blinds are made from lightweight material and they clamp onto the inside of your window frame with an elastic band, so after you have installed them, there is no need to drill any holes in your window frame or remove any hardware. You can use temporary blinds to add extra light or privacy whenever you need it without having to worry about what will happen when guests come over and start plopping down on the couch – simply pop up the temporary blinds and your guest won’t be able to see anything that looks out of place!

Paper Blinds have a number of advantages over other types. They’re lightweight and easy to install, can better block out light from the Sun, they’re cheaper than other types, and they’re made from 100% renewable material that doesn’t harm forests or wildlife.

Paper is energy-efficient, recyclable and biodegradable in landfills – it’s about as green a window covering as you’ll find! Don’t believe everything you hear. Prove it to yourself with a shopping trip to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot store. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective paper blinds are!

Keeping it real with the best price on temp blinds

With years of experience and a passion for great customer service, the team at Shutters Quickly makes sure none of their customers are left with bare windows. Whether you’re waiting on an order for shutters and blinds with us, or you’re simply looking for a standalone temporary solution – we can help.

We supply free temporary shades to our customers while they wait on orders so that their privacy and comfort isn’t compromised, and ship temporary blinds all over Australia to those who need them as a separate product.

We supply free temporary shades to our customers while they wait on orders so that their privacy and comfort isn’t compromised, and ship temporary blinds all over Australia to those who need them as a separate product.

Call the team today or submit an enquiry, and make sure those windows get covered today!