Motorised Roller Blinds

Looking for automated blinds Australia?

Shutters Quickly is all over it with manual, motorised and double roller blinds options for all!

There are a huge range of roller blinds to choose from, but their ability to be motorised and automated is a particularly strong draw card for many. Shutters Quickly supplies both DIY roller blinds and fully installed options for their customers. Australian made roller blinds sourced straight from the manufacturer mean only one thing – the best online roller blinds around!

Motorised Roller Blinds » Motorised roller blinds
Motorised Roller Blinds » Motorised roller blinds

What is blind automation?

Automating roller blinds can happen in a few different ways, but the most common include remote control operation, operation triggered by sun sensors and automation set according to a timer controlled by you. This can help regulate sleeping habits and remind you to let some sunlight in without having to remember, and offer convenience at the touch of a button remotely.

Can I automate existing blinds? You sure can, and our team of expert technicians can help convert your roller blinds to the best motorised, fully automated roller blinds around.

How much do motorised roller blinds cost?

Depending on the size of the window and the type of roller blind – dual roller blinds or single – the average costs of motorised roller blinds tend to range between $250-$550. Luckily for all our customers, Shutters Quickly knows we’re offering the absolute best price on the market. With a price beat guarantee of 10% on any genuine retailer quotes for a comparable product. Having direct access to Australian manufacturers helps us stay competitive and pass on savings to our customers purchasing online roller blinds.

Motorised Roller Blinds » Motorised roller blinds
Motorised Roller Blinds » Motorised roller blinds

What are double roller blinds or dual roller blinds?

Double roller blinds have two different types of blinds on the same mechanism that can be adjusted separately. Most often, this includes a sheer screen layer that allows sunlight in while cutting out glare, and a heavier blind on the outside to full block out light and heat.

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From DIY roller blinds online, to a full roller blind installation service – Shutters Quickly has a team made up of years of experience to deliver great results. You might be uhm-ing and ahh-ing over roller blinds Ikea, roller blinds Bunnings, Kmart roller blinds or roller blinds Spotlight – don’t!

You can buy the best quality roller blinds from a small Australian company that sources their materials directly from our manufacturing facilities, and offer a customer service experience that the big stores can’t beat. We can provide full warranty on our products and carry out repairs when you need it to make sure your roller blinds stay looking fab and working just like you need them to.

Call the team today or submit an enquiry, we’ll provide you a free quote with no obligation and solve your window covering woes!

Motorised Roller Blinds » Motorised roller blinds

Yes! You can get a motorised roller blind or create one on your own.

However, the most affordable option is to buy a roller blind with an attached motor from stores such as Home Depot and Walmart. If you have a cordless drill, some knowledge of how to use it, some basic building skills, and the time to spend on creating your own motorised roller blinds then go for it! It’ll be more expensive initially but will save you in the long run. If not though there are other cheap DIY options that don’t require any tools or carpentry skills at all – they can be found online on sites like which has many guides including how to make one from PVC pipe and fabric tape.

Yes, motorised roller blinds can be expensive. A few hundred dollars for a single installation is the most you’ll spend on just the hardware.
However, an electrician will charge $100+ per hour for installation labour and anything less than $2k is considered cheap with most installations running around $5k.
The motors themselves can cost between $200 and $400 each and they must be spaced evenly so that two motors don’t try to activate the same thing at the same time causing it to jam-up or cause other problems.
So do keep in mind these things when deciding if Motorised Roller Blinds are up your alley (or your alleyway as it may be).

Motorised Roller Blinds use the same technology found in elevator doors, an electric motor draws up and down on a cord to raise and lower the blind.
The motors are fitted with sensors that stop the motors when they reach their intended position. A thermal window can be installed to regulate heat or cold within your house.
Motorised Roller Blinds require one set of controls for every six blind sections, so if you have 36 sections most likely you will need four sets of controls. Ideally, each control should be mounted at eye-level on the wall behind each section of roller blinds with enough space for easy operation by adults with quick response times to ensure smooth operation during periods of blackouts.

The technique of motorizing roller blinds is a relatively straightforward process that only requires a few tools and no engineering skills. It involves connecting a battery-operated chain, or chain reel, to the bottom of the blind which is then attached to a wall bracket. The chain loops over an idler wheel mounted on the side of the rod for window coverings throughout its travel from one end to another. This will ensure that smoothly operate your new motorized roller blinds by converting them from manual roller blinds.

Motorised blinds can be used both manually and electronically. The product is a motorised roller blind, which opens and closes using a small remote control or a wall-mounted control panel. Planes open the blinds fully to the horizontal position automatically.
At any time, they can be closed manually with gas springs that surround them or with manual cord winding which provides good visibility from outside to inside without opening the curtains. Motorised Blinds are suitable for placement in bedrooms for decoration, as well as in living rooms where they provide full light protection at night without blocking the view from outside during daytime hours.