Basswood shutters are durable

Why you should choose basswood shutters for your home

Shutters are elegant and functional. They add character to a standard window. They also come in different colours, designs, and materials, depending on your preference. Among these choices are Basswood shutters. More and more people are choosing this over typical blinds because of its countless benefits.

What is a basswood shutter?

What is a basswood shutter?

Basswood comes from a tree called Tillia, which grows in the western and northern hemispheres. It is a popular choice among woodworkers because of its soft yet sturdy characteristic. It is highly workable and odourless, which is why it is not only used in furniture but in the art scene as well.

Basswood has compact pores and a fine texture. It can be sanded, stained, and painted for a high-quality finish. Because basswood is increasingly becoming popular, it has been turned into a renewable source worldwide, where governing areas control their harvest. For instance, the Australian Timber Handbook here in Australia serves as a guide and regulation in manufacturing timber.

6 Benefits of Basswood Shutters

6 Benefits of Basswood Shutters

Basswood shutters belong to the group called Plantation shutters. In the old days, the wood used to create these shutters came from timbers grown on a plantation. However, the classification “Plantation shutters” now generally applies to all timber shutters.

But why use Basswood in your shutters? Would it provide the same features and give your home its much-deserved comfortable feel? Here are some of the many advantages of basswood shutters:

1. Basswood shutters are durable

One characteristic of basswood is that it is light but surprisingly durable because of its natural solidity. You will also be delighted to know that basswood is the ideal material for residential shutters. Since windows are exposed to heat and rain most of the time, they tend to warp and look less and less attractive. Sure, all types of wood warp over time; however, shutters made from basswood take a lot longer to deform.

Gone are the days when you avoid timber shutters in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom. Now, you will have the confidence of having shutters that are safe from the forces of nature and everything in between.

2. Basswood shutters help control your home temperature

Australia is known for its extreme climate. During summer, the temperature can register as high as 40°C. Winter is equally harsh, with strong freezing winds. As such, your home should have shutters that can help you control your home temperature.

Basswood shutters are capable of insulating your home from drastic temperatures. Usually, there is a space or an insulating gap between the shutter and your window or door. When the basswood shutter is closed, it prevents the heat or cold from entering, thus, stabilising your in-home temperature.

3. Basswood shutters can help you manage the amount of light entering your home

Sunlight is good most of the time. It can give your home a certain feeling of relief and contribute to good health. However, too much sunlight can get in the way of your activity. Fortunately, basswood shutters can aid in managing the light that enters your home.

If you want the light to envelop your living space, you can open your Basswood shutters completely. You can also angle the blades depending on the amount of light you prefer. Finally, you can shut the blades altogether to block out the light if you want complete darkness.

4. Basswood shutters are versatile

As mentioned earlier, basswood is a type of lumber that can be modified. It is extremely adjustable without its durability being compromised. Choosing basswood shutters for your property can give you the freedom to select the overall size for your windows and doors. You can also decide on the shape and even the length and width of the blades. If you would like a custom size for the opening, you can always do so with this type of shutter.

Due to its high versatility, Basswood shutters can also come in different configurations. You can choose to have a sliding Basswood shutter, hinged, or fixed. It can be placed in any window or opening.

5. Having basswood shutters is a good investment

Basswood shutters are undoubtedly strong and can last long in your home. It may come at a slightly higher price compared to other shutters, but it can save your finances in the long run. Imagine going for cheaper shutters only to have them repaired after a couple of months.  

If you’re looking for the best value for money, get in touch with us! Shutters Quickly offers a price beat guarantee to maximise the worth of your investment. All you have to do is show us the quote given to you by a competitor, and we’ll do our best to beat it by up to 10%.

6. Basswood shutters are aesthetically pleasing

Since basswood shutters are versatile, you can customise them based on what would deem fit to your home. It can be modelled based on an ongoing interior theme or choose the type of wood stain to use. Undoubtedly, these shutters are lovely and make the perfect addition to any interior. Basswood shutters have become more popular over the years. It highlights the perfect balance between price and quality. However, a few suppliers claim that their material is 100% basswood when it is not. Hence, make sure only to go for a reputable shutter specialist like Shutters Quickly.

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For quality Shutters in Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra, Basswood shutters are a great option if you want to upgrade your house or building’s look. If you have an idea in mind, it is best to coordinate with your shutter supplier right away. A trusted shutters specialist can provide you with options that will fit your budget, existing home design, and objectives.

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