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We focus on sourcing the best materials and suppliers

Getting you the shutters you need as quickly as possible. But don’t let that make you think we compromise on quality – we focus on sourcing the best materials and suppliers for our products to make sure our customer satisfaction is 100%.
plantation shutters provider in Sydney
plantation shutters

We make sure our customer satisfaction is 100%

How do we get such a high satisfaction rate?
Shutters Quickly have our very own factory in Sydney and we carry every shutter component in stock, giving us the edge on supplying blinds and shutters to our customers. We have access to parts and the knowledge to carry out quick repairs, normally within 7 days, in the unlikely event of a warranty issue.
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shutter provider Sydney

Want to get in on our $89 DIY Plantation Shutters deal? Even better – we’ll give you Free Delivery when you buy 5 or more Windows!
This saves you hundreds of dollars in freight

Shutters Quickly don’t need to offer shutters at half price – our prices are already much better than that. In the unlikely event you have a genuine retailer quote for an equivalent product we will beat it by 10% guaranteed.

How much do plantation shutters cost?

How much do plantation shutters cost?

It could be as little as $89* with Shutters Quickly!

Generally, the cost of plantation shutters depends on several factors which include:

The benefits of plantation shutters

There are so many benefits to having Australian plantation shutters installed that they’re becoming a standard customisation on many Australian homes. Some of the key benefits include:
UV Protection

UV Protection

Protecting your family and belongings from sustained UV damage

Thermal regulation

Thermal regulation

Keeping your home warm in Winter, cool in Summer

Noise reduction

Noise reduction

Keeping outside noise where it should be

Light control

Light control

Customise the natural light input in your home, whenever you need to

Curb appeal

Curb appeal

Plantation shutters increase the aesthetic look of any home

Added privacy


Shutters give you control over the privacy in your home

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

Shutters are easily cleaned and treated with products like Shade ProTech to reduce dust and stains

Increased home value

Increased home value

Plantation shutters increase home value by providing increased aesthetic appeal to buyers

The Shutters Quickly range has something for everyone

With so many benefits, it’s not hard to understand why so many Aussies are jumping on board and giving their homes an upgrade with plantation shutters. The Shutters Quickly range has something for everyone, so give us call now to find out what will suit your needs best.

Our product range is built on quality and current technology.

We focus on sourcing the best materials, products and developing product technology that ensures every plantation shutter, roller shutter and blind we supply lasts for years while still looking brand new.

Plantation Shutters

Whether you’re looking for 100% Australian or imported plantation shutters or simply the best choice for your home, Shutters Quickly can offer you both. Our shutters can be applied to both external and internal uses, and are now the leading choice in Australian homes for window covering solutions. The benefits of plantation shutters are beginning to be well known amongst home owners, and word is getting out!

Australian plantation shutters
Basswood Shutters@2x

Basswood Shutters

Basswood plantation shutters being used since the 60s in the US, are made from Basswood timber from the Tilia tree which is a particularly sturdy and fine-grained wood, making it perfect for use in plantation shutters. Basswood timber is durable, doesn’t warp or bend and is non-porous making it especially resistant to temperature and moisture changes. Due to their fine grain, they look particularly good painted making them easy to match to any interior design.

Western Red Cedar Shutters

Cedar shutters are the Rolls Royce of shutters and are made from a beautiful timber with high durability, making them a top choice when choosing Internal shutters for your home. They resist heat and are impervious to moisture and look great doing it, with many opting for a lacquered timber to show the natural Western red cedar wood grain. The timber is light as well, making it a great choice for internal plantation shutters with large spans but also look excellent painted to suit any home. Shutters Quickly can trace its roots supplying Cedar shutters since 1982.
Western Red Cedar Shutters
PVC Shutters

PVC Shutters

Shutters Quickly supplies an excellent range of PVC shutters, also known by customers as thermo-poly or poly shutters. PVC shutters are a particularly great choice for locations that have a high degree of moisture like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. PVC Shutters are made with an aluminium skeleton to shore up durability and are a more affordable alternative to timber shutters.

Aluminium Shutters

Our Hamilton Aluminium shutters are known for their stylish looks and their ability to deflect light and heat efficiently. This contributes to higher energy efficiency when installed in your home or business. They can be used both internally and externally, however we recommend external use as they have an inferior R Rating compared to Timber of PVC, they are highly durable shutters. Chromated prior to powder coating, the finishes will last up to 25 years and can withstand winds of up to 120km/hour. With a lockable option, it makes them a fantastic choice for external plantation shutters in particular.

Aluminium Shutters
Temporary Blinds

Temporary Blinds

Custom made shutters and blinds can take up to 8 weeks to be installed, and we want to make sure our customers have privacy while they wait. We can supply our temporary blinds while you wait! Made from pleated paper with an adhesive top, these blinds arrive flat-packed and can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit any window while you wait for your brand new shutters to arrive.

Shades ProTech Textile and Shutter Protector

Shutters Quickly has direct access to a product designed to keep your shutters – and anything else you want to protect – in brand-new shape. Shades ProTech has been developed with nano technology to increase the lifespan, and reduce the cleaning times of your shutters. How does it work? A water based fluid, nanoparticles enter into any open pores on the product and encapsulate the fibres within. This means that dust, dirt, grease and other environmental elements can’t touch the surface themselves, and might appear to either ‘bead up’ on the surface or be easily wiped off.
Shades ProTech Textile and Shutter Protector@2x
Question and Answer

FAQ – everything you need to know about our shutters & blinds

For some standard sizes it can be as little as a week, while custom shutters and blinds can take between 8-10 weeks to be manufactured and delivered. We can supply free temporary blinds while you wait, and help you choose styles and materials that will reduce your waiting time. Ask us about rush jobs!

Yes, we provide a warranty on all of our products, with terms varying depending on the type of shutter or blind. Get in touch with our team to enquire about specific warranty for each type.

Absolutely, yes! The benefits of plantation shutters are well established, and it’s why they’re such a popular and common upgrade to the Australian home.

They sure do. Plantation shutters have so many benefits, including how great they look, that adding them to any home contributes to a higher valuation. Shutters are considered a fixture as opposed to a window furninshing.

Yes, but we can beat any Bunnings DIY plantations shutters deal – talk to our expert team today!

The cost of plantation shutters depends on many variables, which is why it’s important to  Get in touch  to compare the same products across different price points. Shutters Quickly will beat any quote with a lower price if the product and details of the offering are the same as ours.*

Our expert team is here to support you, and we can supply helpful resources and DIY guides to help with the installation process. Send us an enquiry to get the guides and get started.

Plantation shutters are easy to clean with a soft wet cloth to remove dust and dirt. We recommend spraying them with Shades ProTech to seal them and make future cleaning easier.

While many people use this term interchangeably, they are different products. As a rule, blinds are attached to the inside of the window recess, or just above it. Shutters are fixed to the window frame itself, with no need for dangling cords or extra fixtures to keep them in place. Traditionally shutters have been more expensive options, but Shutters Quickly offers them at prices that truly beat or compete.

We order our shutters directly from the manufacturer or manufacture them ourselves and cut out the middle man, so our overheads in the process are much less than the average retailer. We pass those savings directly on to customers!

We help guide our customers closely through the measuring and selection process, and confirm these several times before sending them away for manufacture. With guides and resources and the collaborative support of our team, our customers don’t make mistakes with their online orders. In the unlikely scenario that an error is made Shutters Quickly has a fully operational factory in Sydney and our expert staff can assist in modifying or remaking your shutter correctly, at a very reasonable fee, you won’t be alone., Contact us now to talk about the DIY plantation shutters process.
The cost of delivery depends on where you live and the size of your order. For most Metro areas in the Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle areas delivery costs an average of $120, but is largely dependent on the custom nature of the order. Talk to our sales team  today to get a quote on your order delivery. It is also good to keep in mind that pickups are also available from our warehouse if you so choose.
We deliver our shutters Australia wide – enter your postcode at check out to see your delivery costs and shipping options, or speak to our team  to talk about specific delivery details.

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