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From Plantation Shutters, Basswood Shutters, and PVC Santorini Shutters to internal and external Aluminium Shutters, Shutters Quickly have a shutter to suit your unique needs, taste and budget – and because we’re a local Australian company, we can guarantee a fast turnaround time when you order Australian-made shutters. We supply a full range of shutters including:

With a 10% price beat guarantee on any genuine retailer quote for comparable products, prices as low as $89 for DIY shutters, free shipping for eligible products and access to Australian made products – what’s not to love?

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Shutters » shutters

Plantation Shutters Brands

Shutters Quickly has a wide range of Plantation Shutters to choose from, with shutters and shutter components in a range of materials from a variety of respected manufacturers.

Whether you’re looking for internal or external Plantation Shutters, Shutters Quickly can fit and supply shutters for both residential and commercial applications. With both DIY and full installation options available, and 10-day manufacturing turnaround on Australian-made shutter options, Shutters Quickly are the smart choice for quality, affordable shutters – fast!
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The best shutters are made to last

Shutters Quickly offer a great range of standard sized or custom-made 100% Australian made shutters, with a wide range of styles and specifications to suit any home!


Our shutters range comes in a huge range of different materials depending on their intended use and how you want them to look in your home. Some of the most common blinds and shutters materials include:
Shutters Quickly makes sure it sources the best shutters from Australian manufacturing companies to ensure we’re delivering customers quality, and can also provide ongoing warranty and repair services for when you need them most.
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Shutters » shutters


Our painted shutters are produced using either laminated finger-jointed basswood or un-jointed timber for a sleek and high-quality finish. All panels for wooden types are hand-made using either mortice and tenon joints or dowel Joints, locked in place with 100mm 8G Bugle Screws. For superior strength and durability, we construct all our shutters in line with the best Quality Assurance practices and offer a warranty on all our fully installed products.

Finishing Options

Shutters Quickly offer a number of finishing options to suit your preferred style and taste. In addition to providing customers with the ability to choose their preferred paint or stain colour, Shutters Quickly offer a selection of frame type, louvre size, and tilt rod, allowing you to create a look to match any room.
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Shutters » shutters

Shapes & Styles

Our painted shutters are produced using either laminated finger-jointed basswood or un-jointed timber for a sleek and high-quality finish. All panels for wooden types are hand-made using either mortice and tenon joints or dowel Joints, locked in place with 100mm 8G Bugle Screws. For superior strength and durability, we construct all our shutters in line with the best Quality Assurance practices and offer a warranty on all our fully installed products.

Full Height

As the name suggests, full height shutters cover the full length of the window, offering excellent control over light and privacy.
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Shutters » shutters


Tier-on-tier shutters offer complete control over light and privacy, with segmented shutters enabling independent movement of upper and lower sections. Open the top portion for light while leaving the bottom portion closed for greater privacy, or completely open or close both sections of the shutters as desired – the choice is yours!

Café Style

Café style plantation shutters are a brilliant option for those windows where light control is not a concern. Covering the bottom half to two-thirds of the window only, café style shutters provide privacy control, while allowing free admittance of light through the uncovered top portion of the window.

Shutters » shutters
Shutters » shutters

Temporary Blinds

Imported, custom-made shutters can take many weeks to be manufactured, shipped, and installed, and while Shutters Quickly offer super-fast turnaround times on Australian made shutter options, there can still be a short wait time. Shutters Quickly understand how important your privacy is, so we stock high-quality, low-cost Temposhade temporary paper blinds – the perfect window covering to ensure your privacy, without sacrificing style, while you wait for your brand new shutters.

Our temporary paper blinds are made from pleated paper and come flat-packed in a box of 6 blinds, along with alcohol surface wipes, plastic positioning clips, and a printed installation guide. Each blind measures 890mm wide with a 1800mm drop, however they are easily trimmed with scissors to fit any window.

Installation is incredibly simple and requires no tools – the blinds have an easy-peel adhesive seal which can be stuck directly to the glass of your window, meaning there is no risk of damaging paintwork on your window frames.

Shades ProTech Textile and Shutter Protector

Shutters Quickly stocks Shades ProTech, an advanced cleaning and sealing product. Developed using nano particles, Shades ProTech provides long-lasting, odourless, and invisible protection for hard surfaces and soft furnishings against fluids, oil, grease, dust, and other stains, UV damage.

ProTech can be applied to hard, non-porous surfaces, such as plantation shutters and wooden and aluminium venetian blinds, for a high-quality finish that reduces cleaning time by around 50%.

As a water-based product, ProTech can be applied without fear to all kinds of fabric, including silk. Its nano technology encapsulates each fibre, providing an impermeable barrier that protects textiles from fluids and dirt particles. Fluids simply bead on the surface of the fabric, meaning clean-up is a breeze.

Shades ProTech is non-hazardous and non-toxic, so is perfectly safe for your home, family, and pets, and is 100% environmentally friendly.

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Shutters are usually made from wood (with some exceptions, like vinyl and fiberglass), which is treated with a fire retardant for safety.

Shutters can be made of materials such as aluminum or vinyl, but they often come in various different shapes and sizes. The average shutter has two support structures on either side of the shutters and four to six hinges; each hinge then attaches to the shutter’s top bottom, left or right edge depending on its position relative to it.

Shutters are traditionally thought to be designed to cover a rectangular or square-shaped window.

It’s difficult for shutters that are not custom-made to completely cover all of the sides of an irregularly shaped window because the width of the shutter will need to match one side or dimension, and it will need to fold around three edges in order for the other two ends to tuck inside. To do this smoothly without making too much noise, you may want two sets designed so each set has half as many strips as needed for your particular project. With enough coordinating colors you’ll have plenty of strip pieces left over for future projects.

The short answer is yes, window shutters can add value to a home. The reasons include an old-world charm, reducing drafts and noise pollution, providing extra living space by creating little rooms within the larger house (think “dorm room”), and setting it apart from other homes on the street.

Now that you have the information on whether or not shutters will add value to your home, they can be an elegant way of adding beauty and energy efficiency to any room.

Shutters are more expensive than blinds, but they have the advantage of being able to shroud your window in complete privacy–and provide a lot more visual curb appeal.

Silhouette shutters are the most common type of shutter because these come in a wide array of colors and styles that can dress up any room or exterior facade, while also providing insulation from high summertime temperatures. The cost for the frames only is much lower when compared with other types of exterior finishing treatments like mahogany, painted or stained pine boards, aluminum sheets or thermoplastic panels. When installing shutters on an outside wall make sure you buy ones that are rated for outdoor conditions since this will be less maintenance in the long run.

Shutters are a great way to protect the windows, while still letting natural light come in. Their angled slats also provide privacy.

If you have lots of windows it may be worth considering some kind of protection for your home’s exterior, but this is mostly about mosquitoes and not so much about burglars. Window screens stop bugs from coming in fairly effectively on their own–nearly every residential window has one these days–though they are not effective against spiders or other insects that can fly. A shutter will protect both your window and its screen, but there are many other DIY projects that can help as well: use leftover fabric to make a curtain; staple an old bed sheet over the window for increased privacy; paint any exposed.

Shutters are warmer than curtains, yes. They are usually insulated to reduce the transfer of heat from warm rooms to cold ones.
The insulation is not thick, though it does exist. The shutter themselves are also designed to be reflective which helps them dispense solar energy more efficiently, rather than absorb it like a curtain would. Curtains do still offer advantages over shutters in certain applications because they’re easier for cleaning and have much more aesthetic variation depending on the material used in its construction. Many people use curtains as a type of camouflage or privacy-enhancing device where shutters would just show too much detail any details about what’s happening inside the room through their slats if you were trying to peek through them unnoticed.

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Shutters Quickly knows how good we are at what we do, and we’re so pleased to put our money where our mouth is. Our customers can take up our 10% price beat guarantee on any genuine retailer quote when applied to a comparable product.

With direct access to manufacturers, we’re able to keep our prices low without compromising on quality. It also means our technicians are able to directly access the parts they need to carry out repair services when you need them, to make sure you don’t have any down time.

We have a fantastic team of people who care about what they do and customer satisfaction – so give us a call or submit an enquiry today to find out how we can help you!