Plantation Shutters

Affordable plantation shutters without compromising on quality or installation

Shutters Quickly has two things that make us the best at what we do: industry experience and expert product knowledge. With direct access to the manufacturers, we can guarantee top quality plantation shutters at the lowest prices – we’ll even beat other genuine retailer quotes by 10% for an equivalent plantation shutter product.

Not only are we able to supply and install the best plantation shutters around, we’re also able to repair them if anything goes wrong. Our service technicians are fantastic at what they do, and we can make sure your plantation shutters get back to tip-top shape inside of 10 days! With guarantees like that and an Australian made product, who could resist?

Plantation Shutters » plantation shutters in Sydney
plantation shutters in Sydney

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are a specific style of window covering that has wider louvres than other styles, and can come in a diverse variety of materials. They got their name from the Southern American cotton plantations where they first gained their popularity.

Louvres is the term used to describe the horizontal slats that make up the shutters, and the wider-than-average style that plantation shutters are known for make them a particularly stylish and modern choice for homes today.

Are plantation shutters worth the money?

Plantation shutters are absolutely worth the investment. While they are more expensive than curtains or blinds, they’re in a completely different class of product. The benefits of plantation shutters are well known, and it’s why they’re so hugely popular. Some of these benefits include:

Plantation Shutters » plantation shutters in Sydney
Plantation Shutters » plantation shutters in Sydney

Only the best plantation shutters range for our Shutters Quickly customers!

At Shutters Quickly we offer a great range of plantation shutters for every customer’s taste and purpose. With both internal plantation shutters and external plantation shutters to choose from, we know our range won’t fail to deliver.

DIY plantation shutters or fully installed – hassle free

Shutters Quickly offers fully DIY plantation shutters options across all types, as well as full installation options for those who simply don’t have the time or inclination. If you’re looking for cheap plantation shutters that aren’t cheaply made, Shutters Quickly can deliver exactly that because we’ve cut out the middle man and supply direct from the manufacturers.

If you need assistance with choosing the right type of plantation shutters for your home or business, give the team at Shutters Quickly a call today or submit an enquiry for an obligation free discussion and quote.

Raise Your Home’s Value with Shutters in NSW Today

Plantation Shutters are purchased in the number of panels you need, so they have a wide range of prices.
The most economical shutters are called slats or louvers, which are created from wooden slats that span vertically and horizontally. The second option is fabric roller or verticals, which allow adaption for window width while still giving the appearance of plantation style shutters. Lastly there is bay and bow windows coverage where information should be provided on your specific questions about pricing to describe this offer in detail.

While plantation shutters do not cut the amount of light coming into a room completely, they can significantly reduce glare and keep it cool. This is because their natural material is made from louvers that allow air to flow through, keeping unwanted heat out. They also hold up to strong winds and they don’t collect dust as most window coverings do. The shape of the slats also plays a major role in blocking water damage due to sunlight penetrating your windows edge-to-edge! Some people worry about the safety of having these shutters considering children may play near them and whatnot; but unlike blinds with cords that pose as hang-ups for little hands and feet, plantation blinds are backed by cordless design.

Yes, they darken the room. Plantation shutters capture light through many layers of thin material (1-2mm) instead of blocking it via one spacious curtain (ranging 1-5 inches). This delicate filtering process filters out high-energy spectrum waves while allowing low-energy wavelengths to pass through. The rich complemental colors created by the shutter’s screen mesh are key to the advantages of plantation shutters for home decorating.

One of the great things about plantation shutters is that while they can be hard to keep clean, there are many simple steps you can take to extend the lifespan of your windows while also making them easier to clean.

If you don’t already have specialized manilla cleaning solution, then get yourself some window cleaner that has ammonia in it. You’ll notice that this cleans up easily and leaves no marks afterward (this includes fingerprints). For extra protection against dirt buildup, if possible spray down your plantation shutters every night after rain or before the rain. This helps prevent any substances from sticking near the blades of the shutter or clinging to any edges if anything did get through.

Yes! They provide natural light, reduce the need for cooling and heating, don’t require excessive cleaning, are durable, can be opened up completely or halfway for ventilation without fear of bugs coming in.

They are typically made from pine boards on the interior with slats that get doubled so they have a thick construction – meaning there are two boards thick bordering the slat. These shutters also have an air seal which prevents air leakage. The exterior of these shutters is available in either plantation stiles (rectangular) or louvered panels- single-panel windows called “toggle cliker” generally have louvered shutter panels on them too.