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Shutters Quickly is doing outdoor Roller Shutters online right, with great DIY Roller Shutter options along with full installation services. Our team deal direct with the manufacturers to pass on great savings, allowing us free access to parts so that our technicians can carry out roller shutters repairs when you need them!

Our External Roller Shutter Products Include:

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External Roller Shutters »

Are Roller Shutters worth it?

Yes! There are so many benefits to investing in external roller shutters for your home, and they’re a product that Shutters Quickly is particularly passionate about. When you consider the following benefits, it’s pretty hard to forget about them:
Our team loves roller shutters for all of those reasons – aside from them looking damn good too – and is stoked to roll them out to customers with a full warranty and repair service to keep them in tip-top shape.

How much do Roller Shutters Cost?

The cost of roller shutters will vary depending on the material type, whether theyre manual roller shutters or electric motorised roller shutters and of course – quality. A broad range can be anywhere between $300- $1000.

If you’re trying to save on cost and you’re busy looking up ‘roller shutters bunnings’ – Shutters Quickly can and will beat that price. We offer our customers a price beat guarantee of 10% on any genuine retailer quote on a comparable product.

We can offer that price because we cut out the middle man by sending made-to-measure

External Roller Shutters »
External Roller Shutters »

Are Roller Shutters good for security?

Roller shutters offer an extremely significant degree of security to homes and businesses, and while they aren’t technically classified as a security product, they’re still effective enough to be taken into consideration by insurers. When you’re considering roller shutters vs security screens, the added benefits that roller shutters offer often tip the scales for our customers.

Do Roller Shutters block out heat?

Roller Shutters are one of the best options on the market for lowering your energy costs – sometimes by as much as 45% – and keeping you home cool in summer and warm in winter. There temperature difference they create between the inside environment and outside can be as much as 15°! That’s a lot of days you won’t need to turn on your heating or air conditioning, and in a country like Australia that says a lot.
External Roller Shutters »
External Roller Shutters »

The Shutters Quickly promise on Roller Shutters

Our team are extremely experienced and passionate about what they do, and love supplying genuine Australian made roller shutters to customers all over the country. We know that we have the cheapest roller shutters on the market at the highest quality, and that puts a big smile on our faces because we know we’re giving our customers the absolute best product.

If you want Roller Shutters from an Aussie company that can back up their products with warranties and repair services, and who give great customer service – give us a call or submit an enquiry to get a fuss free quote today!

The exterior of a building is its weakest part, and it should take the brunt of any damage, such as from hail. External Roller Shutters not only look great in the majority of buildings but also provide complete protection from windborne debris generation.

The cost will depend on your location and the size of your structure, but a financial rule of thumb to follow would be that for smaller buildings, you can expect to spend around $5 per square foot installed. This price scales down with height so it’s much cheaper when you have a higher ceiling height because there’s less material being used per square foot. In short: No matter what size or shape your building is, taking away outside shutters can be riskier than you realize!

External roller shutters are most often used on commercial buildings, but you can open them from the outside.

External roller shutters are an attractive choice for homeowners considering having a balcony or outdoor space especially susceptible to damage by rain, dust and direct sunlight. This is because they will provide protection against these elements while also giving you more control over how much of your backyard (or patio) you want to constantly expose to the sun.

Yes, it is possible to break into external roller shutters. It would take some significant force to do so, but this can be done if the person was persistent enough.
It’s rare for people to break in like this, as they are pretty sturdy and many thieves will not go through all of that effort unless they see a way of gaining an easy access point by removing a panel from the door or window on the backside. Roller Shutters also provide more privacy than other window films by keeping out light and still letting light filter through while keeping out prying eyes from outside which may be otherwise able to peer in from outside if not installed properly.

Yes! They are made to allow airflow.

What the panels do, however, is protect your windows from excessive heat and glare because all windows need some kind of protection. When the protective shutter is open it allows for an “air gap” or airspace where room temperature air can enter or escape without disturbing what’s on either side of the panel. And if you have a larger opening between your house exterior wall and your window frame install a cross-profile sealed extrusion trim system that attaches to both surfaces simultaneously with its own foam sealant strip which allows you to create large enough openings that will still provide blocking capabilities without compromising airflow transfer through said opening.

Yes, roller shutter doors can block light depending on the installation.
The two main types of roller shutter doors are internal and external. External roller shutters are usually mounted outside of a building to protect them from wind, dust, hail damage, etc., while internal shutters are used to provide shade inside buildings.
External or “outside” roller shutters typically rely upon shading by the height of their own structure when mounted at an angle in order to decrease sunlight’s direct penetration into a space through windows underneath the slats. Even when installed at an angle in this way it is possible that some light may penetrate adjacent window treatments or be directed towards openings or other surfaces in the room.