10 reasons why you need plantation shutters for your home

What makes plantation shutters the perfect pairing for any home

With so many window coverings out there, it can be a hard decision when it comes to picking the right one for your home. Here at Shutters Quickly, our whole business is shutters and we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality shutters at the most affordable price and quickly, as our name suggests. We believe plantation shutters are a superior window covering for your home, so below we outline 10 reasons why plantations are right for you.

Temperature control

1.     Temperature control

Plantation shutters are a great way to shield your home against heat in the summer by bouncing the sun’s rays off and away from your windows and enclosed verandas or entries. In winter, they can help insulate your home by keeping your precious heat inside your home and keeping the cold air out.

The best way to achieve energy efficiency with your plantation shutters is to have them installed by a professional who will ensure that they seal right up against the window frame. This method is a wonderful way to prevent inside air from escaping to the outside and outside air from getting into your home.

Privacy and security

2.     Privacy and security

Thanks to the versatility of plantation shutters, they not only provide you with privacy, but also an extra layer of security for your home. By tilting the shutters at certain angles, you can let light in yet still limit how much of your home is viewable. Different shutter options can give you different levels of privacy and security such as tier-on-tier shutters, which offer complete control over light and privacy with each segment operating independently of each other. You can have the top portion open for light whilst keeping the bottom section closed for greater privacy.

Most shutters available are lockable and hinge-able which can eliminate the need for security bars or curtains and let’s face it, they look so much better! Since home invaders are most likely to break in when they can see valuables easily, having shutters also makes breaking in more difficult as they would have to get through several layers of window coverings. Breaking in through shutters is just not worth the time they’d spend trying.


3.     Ventilation

Since plantation shutters are so easy to adjust, you can easily increase or decrease the airflow by simply adjusting their angle. Thanks to their rigid materials, shutters don’t move in the wind or make noises like curtains and blinds do when the wind is blowing.

Light control

4.     Light control

Thanks to the fully adjustable nature of plantation shutters, you can angle the louvres to control the level of light allowed into the space. With a simple adjustment, you can go from a bright and sunny room to a dark and moodier room in the afternoons. Other than adjusting the mood of a room, shutters are great for reducing the amount of direct light coming in and potentially causing damage by fading of furniture and carpets over time due to UV exposure.

Easy maintenance

5.     Easy maintenance

Unlike other window coverings, plantation shutters are made from smooth materials that don’t trap dust and other allergens. Their smoothness also makes them super easy to clean with a duster or microfibre cloth. More difficult spots may require a damp cloth. Just remember to completely dry them before closing the shutters back. Regular adjustment, cleaning, and maintenance of the louvres will help your shutters to last longer as well.


6.     Timeless

Plantation shutters have been around for thousands of years and were invented by the ancient Greeks in 800BC. While they were originally made of high-quality marble, shutters have changed over the years to the wood, aluminium, and PVC that we use today. Thanks to their practicality, durability, and low maintenance, shutters have maintained their timelessness over the years and are still a popular choice in today’s market as they go with any style of home.


7.     Versatile

The versatility of plantation shutters is unmatched. They can be customised to fit any type of window or opening your home may have. They can be fixed, hinged, or sliding style shutters which can also natural elements to a minimalist home, depending on the materials or colours you choose. Shutters pair well with rustic interiors and can play up those country-style vibes. Instagram and Pinterest are full of gorgeous Victorian homes with shutters and even modern interiors show off their beauty and versatility.


8.     Customisable

In addition to plantation shutters being customised to fit your home’s windows, you can also paint your shutters! Whether you’re doing it yourself or ordering them in your favourite colour, customising them to fit your needs and taste is an important part of making a house a home. Many companies offer a range of stains and clear coats for wooden shutters and high-definition-coloured paints for you to choose from. Have an idea to match your window treatments to your furniture or the room’s colour palate? We say go for it!


9.     Affordable

Not only are plantation shutters an affordable option for your home, but they can also add value to your home. Shutters don’t just make your home look amazing; they may improve the resale value of your property too. By installing long-lasting, energy-efficient, and stunning shutters, you could see a substantial return on investment.

The best thing about installing shutters is that the cost is quite flexible depending on the budget that you’re working with. Many factors should be considered for the price of shutters in New South Wales, such as whether they’re custom-made, which manufacturer you buy them from, the material they are made from and how many shutters you will need. At Shutters Quickly, we aim to provide the best value for money shutters in the market so talk to our team about your shutter requirements and budget today.

Noise reduction

10.  Noise reduction

Due to the thickness of the material used to make shutters, they can effectively keep the outside noise down. The thick and durable materials used, such as wood, can reflect and absorb the sound waves. Just how they help with temperature control, the tight seal between the shutters and windows helps to create an additional layer of insulation and when fully closed makes it hard for sound waves to find their way through.

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