Bunnings™ Plantation Shutters vs Shutters Quickly

Bunnings™ plantation shutters Vs Shutters Quickly

Save up to 60% off Bunnings™ prices – Buy the best plantation shutters at the best price!

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Bunnings™ Plantation Shutters vs Shutters Quickly » bunnings

Custom fit plantation shutters at no extra cost

Custom made plantation shutters are the only way to get the perfect fit & look for your home, and while Bunnings™ plantation shutters might seem affordable initially – you can either end up with an inferior product or spend more money in the near future buying the shutters you really wanted

The good news is – you don’t have to make the compromise. Shutters Quickly offers their customers a way to order the exact size, style and colour they want in a plantation shutter with no extra costs whatsoever.

With Bunnings™ plantation shutters, you have to make compromises on the final look and functionality with a need for adjustable shutter frames and smaller panels. Made to order plantation shutters allow you to completely customise panel configurations and T-post locations for a seamless and polished window look.

With clear guidelines and easy to understand DIY instructions, getting together the custom measurements for your new plantation shutters is a piece of cake. And if you get lost, their experienced support staff are but a phone call away to help talk you through the process and make sure you get the perfect plantation shutters for your home.

Bunnings™ Plantation Shutters vs Shutters Quickly » bunnings
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Cutting costs, not quality

Bunnings™ DIY Plantation Shutters: $224*
Shutters Quickly DIY Plantation Shutters: $99

Shutters Quickly has a distinct advantage over ready-made blinds – it has direct access to manufacturers and wholesale parts. This gives them an edge when it comes to competitive custom plantation shutter pricing because there isn’t a middle man.
Where they save money on pricing, they’re able to offer custom plantation shutters to their customers at a quality and price that beats out all the competition.
The best bit? Shutters Quickly will beat any advertised price by 10% when the product is directly comparable.

*Based on Bunnings™ EasyAS 610mm X 900mm Adjustable Plantation Shutter

DIY plantation shutters with a perfect fit – save at least $50 per shutter!

The team at Shutters Quickly have extensive knowledge of shutter manufacturing and repairs, which makes the uniquely placed to offer expert DIY installation advice and guidance to customers at no extra cost.

When you speak to the team at Shutters Quickly, you’re talking to an installation expert.

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Bunnings™ Plantation Shutters vs Shutters Quickly » bunnings

Custom DIY plantation shutters

Our team can help you measure, order and install a complete range of custom DIY plantation shutters including:

Our DIY Plantation Shutters don’t require any extra special tools that you wouldn’t likely already have. Keeping things simple and straightforward to help customers have a smooth installation process and fuss free experience is what Shutters Quickly aims to do every time.

Yes. They are a high-grade window treatment for your windows and made of the highest quality raw materials, by professionals who have years of experience installing them. If you want to install plantation shutters in Newcastle or Sydney, shop online with us! Our prices are highly competitive and they provide a wide range of window covering types that can give you a designer home at fraction of the cost.

It’s possible for plantation shutters to make a room look smaller, but not always. It all comes down to the design of the shutter and what you’re trying to achieve with them. A lot of plantation shutter designs actually open up and extend (to transport more light), and also they can be designed that way that they close out unwanted views or noise from outside your home if that is an issue. So there are plenty of opportunities where there might be a high degree of contrast between openness and the platinum shutters closing in on one section (the window) – which could result in such a statement as “plantation shutters make rooms feel smaller.” 

Shutters are a type of window treatment that open and close by combining a casing that fits into the window frame, a cross bar for pulling down from one side of the frame to open them, and slats for covering when closed. Made from either solid wood or vinyl, shutters add elegance and style to any home.

Shutters can be made from either solid wood or vinyl. In general they cost more than other types of window treatments because they need this framework in addition to all the individual boards that make up each shutter panel. They also come with heavy-duty hardware designed to withstand frequent operating (and child oversight).

A lot of plantation shutters can cost more than a set of blinds. But, all in all, the choice of what type of window treatment to use is highly dependent on personal preference and there’s no one right answer for everyone.

If you would like something that is easy to use and looks great, then definitely go with a blind. If you’re looking for something that “wows” visitors with your flawless taste in interior design when they visit your home, then go ahead an invest in some very expensive shutters. Either way works!

Yes! But plantation shutters are a much better option for this project.

A shutter is a piece of wood that fits into an opening and can be lowered or raised to provide protection from the sun, rain, or wind. Shutters typically have one narrow side attached to a pivot on a wall’s upper end and the wide side that extends down on the other end. The long stretcher forms two lateral blades at 90 degrees from each other when in a closed position.

Don’t get caught out cutting corners

While Bunnings™ plantation shutters might seem like a great deal, there are a number of ways it can go wrong. And why risk it, when you can have a better experience for less money?

With a team of plantation shutter installation and manufacturing experts ready to guide you through the process, and a business model that offers wholesale prices direct to the public – it seems crazy to go anywhere else.

Besides money, what have you got to lose? Submit your measurements for a quote or call the team at Shutters Quickly today and get the best plantation shutters price around!

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