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One of the most popular choices for window coverings, Basswood plantation shutters are becoming a staple in many Australian homes. There are plenty of great practical reasons to choose Basswood timber plantation shutters, but an obvious one is how good they look. As a finely grained timber, their painted finish means that you can choose a colour to suit every room in the house and Shutters Quickly prioritises Australian made products every time.
Basswood Shutters
Basswood Shutters Sydney

Is Basswood good for shutters?

Basswood is a great material for plantation shutters because it’s an extremely durable hard wood while still being light. It resists warping and stands the test of time, with resistance to heat and UV light a couple of key attributes. The combination of its light weight and toughness make it a fantastic practical choice, quite aside from how good it looks.

How much do basswood shutters cost?

The general price of basswood shutters varies from $3.00-$5.00 per board feet, but it depends entirely on the size of the shutters and your selected finish.

Shutters Quickly has a price beat guarantee to make sure our customers get the best basswood shutter price on the market. We’ll beat any genuine retailer quote by 10%, when it’s given on a comparable product. That’s how confident we are in our pricing!

Basswood Shutters
Basswood Shutters in Sydney

The benefits of Basswood shutters

Basswood shutters have long outstripped other timbers as the most popular wooden shutters choice, because they have the best balance of price versus quality. Their most popular quality is their versatility in painted finishes and flexible material, but other benefits include:

Solid Basswood Shutters

Solid shutters are constructed from solid basswood panels, or a combination of solid panel and louvres. Shutters Quickly offer three styles of solid window and door shutters, including solid raised shutters, solid base shutters and solid shaker shutters.

Basswood Shutters » basswood shutters
Basswood Shutters » basswood shutters

Solid Raised Shutters

Solid Raised Shutters are a fantastic option that provides an elegant solution for noise reduction and increased security. The solid panel, with its gently raised curve, also serves as an excellent window replacement in Victorian-era houses.

Solid Base Shutters

Solid Base Shutters offer the combined benefits of solid panel and traditional louvred shutters, with a solid panel in the lower portion of the shutter and the standard louvres in the top portion providing the perfect blend of security, and privacy and light control. This style of shutter is an excellent window treatment for external French doors, and is perfect suited for use as a room divider or cupboard door.
Basswood Shutters » basswood shutters
Basswood Plantation Shutters

The Shutters Quickly guarantee

The team at Shutters Quickly are experts in the world of shutters and provide a full service. That means you can count on us to make sure you get the product you ordered in top condition, with a warranty and extra technical and customer support when you need it. Our team has experienced service technicians that can carry out repairs and make sure you don’t skip a beat if anything goes wrong.

If you want the cheapest basswood shutters without compromising on quality, Shutters Quickly has got that base covered. With our 10% price-beat guarantee, our team knows that we can deliver top quality basswood shutters direct from the manufacturer to our customers.

If you’re looking for a shutters company that can hit the trifecta of price, quality and service, look no further. Give us a call or submit an enquiry to get your new shutters organised today!

Basswood shutters are an exquisitely crafted windows treatment because they provide the home with a modernist flair that while giving their user the window dressing of their dreams.

Basswood has many benefits for window use including durability, resistance to insect invasion, and ability to resist moisture. They’re also USA Millworks product so all lumber is sourced in North America which is often rare among comparable products on the market today. The materials used in construction also contribute to ease of installation, making them easier than other styles of shutters on the market at this time.

Yes. Basswood is an excellent wood to use for shutters. It does have a few issues, one being that it has a high water absorption rate, so it needs to be sealed. A second issue with basswood is its tendency to warp when exposed to sunlight meaning the user may need to apply more finish coats during the construction process-but this can also be an advantage if you’re looking for something with natural wear after years on the exterior of your home! Basswood’s final weakness (though can actually be desirable) is that it tends towards mottling and checking which means the colour will change over time due to exposure.

Basswood shutters price may vary depending on whether you are looking for solid wood panels or liquid wood shutters. For liquid wood varieties, the cost will be less per shutter.

Basswood is considered to be soft and lightweight because its average density is only 20 pounds per cubic foot. Moulding basswood requires much less force than other hardwoods because of this lightness which makes manufacturing low-cost items possible. Basswood may also have high resin content which worries some consumers that basswood can swell or warp if water gets into them during a house fire – but it doesn’t depend on the quality of the manufacturing process.

Given the option between basswood shutters and vinyl shutters, wood is generally seen as a more durable material for this application. However, with both types of materials there are many great ways to maintain them over time.

Wood can be repainted with products like Danish Oil or Tung oil, which has natural ingredients to help protect the shutter from water damage over time while still giving it a new look. Vinyl can also be maintained by washing and sealing it. The additional step of cleaning vinyl will prolong its life by not allowing dirt and oils to collect on top like they would on unfinished wood surfaces (even when cleaned).

Wood shutters like basswood, mahogany and cambria shutters are an investment in your home and the value that you put into it. Once invested in, these beautiful window treatments will add to the curb appeal of your street-facing windows. They also provide privacy for those who live near busy streets or where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, such them retail stores with big windows. Wood shutters offer better insulation than aluminium or vinyl exterior doors and sealed wood siding. As the natural surface absorbs heat from sunlight to raise interior temperatures in winter months, it prevents heat seepage in summer months when indoor thermometers swing widely throughout the day.