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Shutters Quickly are a big fan of PVC shutters. They’re one of the cheapest plantation shutter options on the market and are made of strong plastics supported by a tough aluminium frame that resists warping, degradation and moisture. PVC Plantation shutters have made a timelessly stylish plantation shutter available to all, with an especially diverse range of colours to suit any room in the house. Both PVC plantation interior and exterior options are available, making them one of the most versatile styles of Australian made plantation shutters.

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What is PVC and are PVC shutters any good?

PVC is an amalgamation of plastic is a highly versatile thermoplastic is the third most popular synthetic plastic polymer in the word in an near-endless variety of industries, but especially building and construction. It’s strong and economical – PVC can be recycled up to 7 times and have an average lifespan of 140 years.

Due to its strength and resistant to the elements, PVC shutters are a top choice for home owners today. They’re affordable, can match any room and are super easy to keep clean.

How much are PVC shutters?

Of all the cheap plantation shutters options, these are the most popular choice. At an average of $300 per square metre, they make attaining a clean and modern look in homes attainable for many. They’re especially popular in rental properties because they’re cheaper to replace with frequent styling changes and can come with lockable options for extra security.

At Shutters Quickly we promise our customers a 10% price beat guarantee on other genuine retailer quotes for a comparable product. With free delivery to metro areas, what’s not to love?

PVC Santorini Shutters » pvc shutters
PVC Santorini Shutters » pvc shutters

The Benefits of PVC Shutters

The benefits of PVC Shutters are well known, and they only continue to rise in popularity due to the wide variety of situations they can be used in and the styles and colours available. Some of the top reasons to love PVC plantation shutters include:

Get your DIY PVC shutters from the best

With a focus on Australian made products, Shutters Quickly has a serious point of difference in the shutters market. We deal directly with the manufacturer, and that means that we get quick access to products and can offer our customers the best price because we don’t have an extra mark-up we need to pass on. Our staff differ from the average as well, made up of service technicians who can fully install your PVC shutters if you don’t want the hassle of installing them yourself. They’re experts at what they do, and are able to carry out repairs and replacements for wear and tear or warranty claims. With direct access to plantations shutters parts, we can help our customers well beyond the initial sale.
If you’re looking for a shutters company that can offer the full service and place a premium on customer service – give our team a call or submit an enquiry today.

PVC Santorini Shutters » pvc shutters

PVC shutters should last forever, but other factors such as sunlight and heat can take a toll on them. Overall, many modern PVC shutter products last roughly 50 years.

PVC is made from polymerized vinyl chloride, which is clear and flexible yet also one of the world’s most stable materials. As long as it is not exposed to light for too long or too often, PVK will never react to UV rays in an unhealthy way and should stay strong and beautiful for at least 100 years.

PVC shutters can be installed on both new construction and older homes with siding that is already damaged or deteriorating – giving homeowners options for upgrading their exterior feel without damaging their home’s interior look or insulation due to weather.

Yes. PVC shutters can change to a darker color over time due to the effect of ultraviolet light. PVC is known for being very stable in direct sunlight, but UV radiation can cause it to decompose, darken and embrittle. The decay process starts after just 18 months of subjection to UV lamps lighting fixtures in hot countries with high humidity – the same conditions that are likely found outside your home!

This means it’s important to keep shutters well protected from outdoor elements by painting them or placing sufficient solar protection zones between them and toxic side effects of direct sunlight exposure, while also making sure they are often cleaned.

Shutters, like most window treatments, need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The more soiled they are and the more sunlight exposure they get, the faster you’ll see them break down and discolor. To clean PVC shutters: first use a vacuum or lint brush attachment to remove any hair or debris from your surface; then dampen a cloth with water; wring out as much of the wetness as possible; wipe dry with an old rag (or similar cloth). If that doesn’t work, try using Lemi Shine (available at grocery stores) on your shutters.

Yes, but it is much easier to clean and maintain PVC shutters if they are not painted shutters. Paint traps bacteria and other microbes, which can lead to a host of problems.

Paint also serves as a reservoir for the accumulation of many types of environmental pollution such as lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury vapor particles; volatile organic compounds; pesticides; paints containing polyurethane glosses derived from benzene derivatives; chemicals leaching through paint into the atmosphere such as phthalates like DEHP (di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate), or heavy metals such as arsenic.

PVC shutters.

The main advantage of PVC shutters is that they are known to be resistant to rotting and decay over time, unlike vinyl which has been shown to decompose rapidly. In addition, the surface of a PVC shutter has been specifically treated for outdoor use so it does not require additional regular maintenance as a vinyl “polymerized” film door would need for example regular reapplication or replacement. There is also no risk of developing an uncomfortable mildew buildup due to moisture permeating these window coverings since the material has been treated with anti-microbial primer and paint finish.