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Durability, classic styling and virtually maintenance free – what more could you want in your Cedar Shutters!

Wood plantation shutters have become the stable of the Australian home for generations – and while there are different varieties of timber shutters available on the market, using Cedar as the base material has become the norm. As a natural heat and sound insulator, and bringing warmth and vibrance to your space, Cedar shutters from Shutters Quickly are the practical and stylish choice!

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Why choose Cedar Shutters for your space

Why choose Cedar Shutters for your space?

Western Red Cedar are classed as a softwood and come from the Cypress family of trees. The molecular makeup of Western Red Cedar creates an airtight space, giving it a higher insulation value than other varieties of timber. This means that above all, Cedar shutters are going to provide you with the best insulating qualities over any other timber shutter variety. Cedar is a strong and durable material, which guarantees the longevity of your shutters and due to its growing conditions, fends well against Australian weather conditions, meaning your shutters are here for the long run!

How much do Cedar Shutters cost?

The average price of Cedar shutters varies between suppliers. You can expect to pay between $3-$10 per board feet, but this is entirely dependant of the size of the shutters and your selected finishes.

Here at Shutters Quickly, we stand by the quality of our Cedar shutters, so much so, that we have a price beat guarantee. We will beat any genuine retailers quote by up to 10% when given on comparable products. We are so confident in our pricing and products; you have nothing to lose by choosing Shutters Quickly for your Cedar shutters.

How much do Cedar Shutters cost
Benefits of installing Cedar shutters in your home

Benefits of installing Cedar shutters in your home

Cedar timber shutters have increasingly become one of Australia’s most popular timber shutter materials. They have many benefits to their installation which makes them a superior choice over other shutter materials including;

For a modern, yet classic look within your home, you can’t go wrong with Cedar shutters. Their distinct colour and scent improve the aesthetics and ambience within your home. They are the perfect balance of versatility, functionality and class, all in one affordable window covering.

Styling your home with Western Red Cedar shutters

Western Red Cedar shutters are available in two colour classifications: light/medium and medium/dark. Within these two-colour ranges, you can find a variety of different shades. Of course, the shade is dependent on the individual tree as each cedar tree is different. They can vary from milky white to rich, deep red/brown. They give off the classic ‘wood grain’ vibe so, are a great choice if you are looking for that natural timber finish.

At Shutters Quickly, we coat your Cedar shutters in a UV-stabilised lacquer to protect the timber and increase the longevity of the shutter. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take away from the natural timber finished look!

Caring for your Cedar shutters after installation

Plantation shutters in general, are easy to clean and are virtually maintenance free – and Cedar shutters are no exception. You can use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe dust and dirt off your shutter blades. Keep your windows closed during wet and harsh weather conditions to avoid damage to your interior shutters.

Should your Cedar shutters break or need maintenance, the experts at Shutters Quickly have a trained team that can help. With direct access to the manufacturers, we can provide parts, repairs and maintenance in a fraction of the time of other retailers and suppliers. Our knowledgeable team can come to your home or office and repair your shutters in no time at all. That’s what you get with Shutters Quickly – 100% satisfaction, guaranteed!

Got questions regarding Cedar shutters? Shutters Quickly has the answers

Cedar shutters are an excellent choice for window coverings within your home or office. They are becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia due to their durability, reliability and functionality.

Any timber shutter is going to give off a slight scent and Cedar shutters are no different. The smell of Cedar wood is actually quite pleasant and not pungent, like other timber shutter options. The lacquer applied to your Cedar shutters will somewhat mask the timber smell and it will also dissipate as time passes after having your Cedar shutters installed.

The pleasant scent given off by Cedar is primarily due to the presence of thujaplicin. This agent has antibacterial and antifungal properties, meaning that your Cedar shutters effective reduce the risk of growth of bacteria and fungi within your home. As the primary entry point (through your windows), Cedar shutters can help stop the spread.

Motorised shutters are a luxury addition to any space. Along with the benefits of Cedar shutters in general, motorised shutters have the added benefit of convenience. Shutters Quickly can provide you with a quote for motorised Cedar shutters if you are looking to invest in a motorised window covering option.

Western Red Cedar is a very durable and stable material. Issues arising from warping and bowing are rare. Should you notice warping or bowing occurring with your Cedar shutters, contact the Shutters Quickly team to investigate.

Choosing Shutters Quickly for your Cedar shutters

The Shutters Quickly team are experts in all things blinds and shutters. They have been in the industry for many years and can be counted on to deliver the best quality products at the most affordable price point – guaranteed. When you make the decision to purchase your cedar shutters from Shutters Quickly, you get the full package;

If you’re looking for a shutters company that can hit the trifecta of price, quality and service, look no further. Give us a call or submit an enquiry to get your new shutters organised today!