Cheaper than Half Price Shutters

YES! Cheaper-Than-Half-Price Shutters!

Do you love the sleek, modern yet classic look of plantation shutters? Have you dreamt of installing custom made plantation shutters in your home, but been scared off by the price? If so, Shutters Quickly has the product you’re looking for at a price you can afford!

cheaper than half price shutters
Cheaper than Half Price Shutters » cheaper than half price shutters

Do you have plantation shutter envy?

Plantation shutters are everywhere these days – no doubt you’ve seen at least one of your neighbours replace their tired, old curtains, dusty venetians or broken vertical blinds with fantastic looking plantation-style shutters. There’s a good chance you’ve looked on with envy… and with good reason!

The improvement plantation-style shutters can make to the visual appeal of your home is unquestionable. However, the benefits of plantation-style shutters don’t stop there! Plantation shutters are low maintenance and sturdy (unlike some curtains and blinds), they offer excellent UV protection for your precious family and home furnishings, and they give you ultimate control over privacy, light, noise, and temperature. What’s not to love?!

Cheaper than Half Price Shutters » cheaper than half price shutters
cheapest plantation shutters

Have you been shut out by the price of plantation shutters?

Up until recently, custom made plantation shutters have often been priced out of reach of many people. However, as more Australians have jumped on the shutter bandwagon, more plantation shutter retailers and manufacturers have popped up too. Competition has been fierce, and the shutter-loving public now have heaps of options to choose from – even Bunnings and Spotlight have plantation shutters available!

DIY plantation shutters with a perfect fit – save on every shutter!

If you’ve considered investing in plantation shutters previously, but have been shut out by the price, there’s never been a better time to take another look at custom made plantation shutters. But, beware, not all plantation shutters are created equal! What might seem like a good deal on the surface, may not be so great in cold, hard light of day!

Shutters Quickly offer the best quality custom made plantation shutters, in a range of materials and finishes, direct from the manufacturer. No middleman, no mark-up, just expert advice, a fantastic price, and super quick turnaround time!

diy plantation shutters
Cheaper than Half Price Shutters » cheaper than half price shutters

Custom DIY plantation shutters

Our team can help you measure, order and install a complete range of custom DIY plantation shutters including:

Our DIY Plantation Shutters don’t require any extra special tools that you wouldn’t likely already have. Keeping things simple and straightforward to help customers have a smooth installation process and fuss free experience is what Shutters Quickly aims to do every time.

Don’t be fooled by potentially inferior products at inferior prices!

If you’re looking for a low-cost, good quality plantation shutter deal, and you’re considering other plantation shutters be sure you are comparing like for like quality of the product.

Some plantation shutters might seem affordable, but there are several important things you may need to consider like quality, fit, style, colour, functionality, and installation support. If you are paying hundreds of dollars for your plantation shutters don’t settle for flimsy adjustable shutter frames, smaller panels, and limited colours and finishes.

Spotlight plantation shutters aren’t even Spotlight’s plantation shutters! Huh? Yep, you read that right. Spotlight sells their plantation shutters via a third-party partnership, so no matter which way you look at it, there are overheads that must be built into the price. Because Spotlight don’t manufacture their own plantation shutters or have experienced shutter technicians on standby to advise or assist you with measurement, product advice, or installation, they simply don’t have access to the same know-how as a company who specialise in the fitting, manufacture, and installation of custom-made shutters.

Shutters Quickly offer DIY shutters that are made to order – no need to compromise on quality, fit, finish, or service and support. Best of all, there’s no need to compromise on price either! Shutters Quickly custom DIY plantation shutters are better than half price, with prices starting from as low as $89! Plus, for a limited time we’re offering free delivery to Newcastle, Sydney, and Canberra!

Still not convinced that Shutters Quickly offer the best quality shutters at the best price? What if we told you that we don’t just sell our shutters for less than half price, we also offer a 10% price beat guarantee? That’s right! In the unlikely event that you obtain a genuine quote from a legitimate retailer on an equivalent product, we guarantee to beat it by 10%.

Get expert advice and top-quality plantation shutters at better than half price!

Shutters Quickly have a great range of top quality, custom DIY plantation shutters, including:

  • Basswood Plantation Shutters
  • Aluminium Plantation Shutters
  • PVC Plantation Shutters
  • Cedar Plantation Shutters
Cheaper than Half Price Shutters » cheaper than half price shutters

In addition to the fantastic range of shutters that are fully customisable to suit your preferred colour, finish, size and fit, Shutters Quickly boast:

  • direct access to the manufacturers,
  • wholesale parts and components,
  • a team of shutter experts with extensive knowledge of shutter fitting, manufacturing, installation, and repairs,
  • incredible prices that are cheaper than half the price of other retailers, PLUS a 10% price beat guarantee on genuine retailer quotes for an equivalent product.

Not only is there no better time to invest in those beautiful, top-quality, custom-made plantation shutters you’ve been dreaming about, there is no better place to get them than Shutters Quickly.

Submit your measurements for a quote or call the team at Shutters Quickly today and get the best plantation shutters – at the best price around, guaranteed!

Cheaper than Half Price Shutters » cheaper than half price shutters

Plantation shutters can offer a number of benefits, including:
– better quality and durability than curtains,
– clearer glass than traditional window glasses, and
– easy to clean and maintain.
There are other benefits as well that may vary from seller to seller. Be sure to research each company thoroughly before making a decision.
Nevertheless, it has the potential to pay off because plantation shutters can last for many years with minimal maintenance work. There’s also no need for ongoing pattern changes such as those often needed with curtains or drapes. Like anything else you might bring into your home though, take care when looking at the cost so you don’t invest money out of budget.

You should not use shutters when you want to show the view through the window clearly. These blinds are designed specifically to block light, which is not desired if your intention is for natural light and visibility into the room. Shutters work best in rooms with low natural sunlight or that require privacy, such as offices or bedrooms.

Plantation shutters may be an option in case of wanting to provide privacy and eliminate most of the light from a room while providing some sense of transparency with their open slats at either side. They also look better than curtains because they don’t gather dust particles like curtains do after long periods without cleaning.

It’s hard to say if plantation shutters make a room look bigger because different people see size differently. I can tell you that they do help keep out light and noise, while still letting some natural sunlight in. They also add some texture and beauty to any room without taking up too much of your windows facing space–and changing quality and quantity of the natural light in the room.
Plantations shutters are technically not just for decoration anymore. In addition to being great for keeping out early morning sun, these screens have been shown to protect interiors from heat exhaustion due to their reflective coating. In fact, many modern-day builders use them as a replacement or supplement window coverings altogether!

Plantation shutters have been making a comeback in recent years. In most cases, this is an aesthetic preference. Though it the case of plantation shutters, they offer insulation against heat and cold as well as sound-proofing from outside noise.

Plantation shutters are a great way to achieve a seamless look within your home. It can be difficult to find something that looks good every type of window every time–but a plantation shutter is a timeless option that will match any style with ease.

Yes, plantation shutters typically have hooks at the top to which you hook a small lever to open it. When closed, they are designed so that you can’t see any gaps or holes for the light to shine through. The curtains themselves may be either sheer or opaque, depending on your preference. Openings in its surface can accommodate windows of different sizes without worry about unsightly lines outside the house. If there is no window ledge (or only a narrow one), no problem but plantation shutters take care of this too because they can be installed with angle irons underneath them for support and stability if needed.