Aluminium Shutters

Dress up your home with premium DIY aluminium plantation shutters

One of the sleekest window covering options on the market, aluminium shutters have a smooth ultra-modern look while being made to last. With a range of powder coating finishes, aluminium shutters can come in a range of shades with finishes ranging from high shine to matte. Completely resistant to moisture and their easy-to-clean material makes them the perfect addition to wet areas in the home and as outdoor plantation shutter options. At Shutters Quickly, our Australian made aluminium shutters are an easy decision!

aluminium shutters
aluminium shutters

How much do aluminium shutters cost?

The pricing can differ depending on the sizing, part components and finish but a general guide ranges from $300-$500 per square metre. At Shutters Quickly, we can offer the cheapest aluminium shutters because we have direct access to the manufacturers. That means we don’t have extra costs to pass on to our customers, meaning they get the best aluminium plantation shutters for the most affordable price. 

Shutters Quickly is proud to offer our customers a guarantee that we will beat any genuine competitor quotes on a comparable product by 10%, every time.

Are Aluminium shutters good?

Absolutely – aluminium shutters are popular for good reason. They’re extremely strong, light and long lasting. With their resistance to moisture, they make and excellent choice as exterior plantation shutters and wet areas of the home or business including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry.

Our Australian made aluminium shutters come with a structural warranty and you can choose lockable options for extra security.

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aluminium shutters benefits

The benefits of aluminium shutters

There are some serious upsides to choosing aluminium shutters, far besides the fact that they look so good. Some of the major benefits of aluminium plantation shutters include:

When you plus those benefits with the impressive range of colours and finishes we provide them in, it’s hardly a surprise that they’re one of the number one window covering choices in Australia today.

Getting quality aluminium shutters from the best at Shutters Quickly

The guarantee we offer our customers at Shutters Quickly isn’t just on price – it’s also a service, quality and support guarantee. We assist our customers every step of the way when they need it, with advice that is relevant and backed by deep industry experience. Our product knowledge is second to none, with a team that can offer plantation shutter installation as well as plantation shutter repairs. Having direct access to the manufacturers means we can access special parts whenever we need it to make sure we complete warranty requests in a timely manner, with high quality workmanship. Get in touch with our team today for expert advice – you can reach us by phone or email today.

aluminium shutters in Sydney

Aluminium shutters are a reliable option for protecting your home from the damages of harsh weather.
Aluminium is stronger then most other metals, and can be easily shaped into a shutter. Shutters with aluminium construction are also easy to customize with the same paint as your home’s exterior.

If you want attractive protection for your windows, aluminium shutters will provide you with efficient solar shading and storm protection at any budget level. Properly put in place, a storm kit with storm panels can protect against powerful winds and offer excellent energy efficiency as well.

They are not priced too high, but the prices will depend on the company.

The price of shutters can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on what you choose. The more economically friendly option is to purchase aluminium-looking steel or timber louvres. Both cost about the same per square metre and whilst they’re not as sleek as real aluminium, they do a reasonable job of emulating them at a cheaper rate. Once you’re ready to take the plunge into aluminium then there are lots of options available, but be aware that these can end up costing up to four times more due to their enormous strength in windy conditions.

In most cases, the aluminium is covered with a thin protective layer of oxide which does not allow it to rust.

In theory, there are three ways in which galvanic corrosion could be taking place on the aluminium shutters: a) a thin coating of sweat on the surface that prevents oxidation from happening and leads to serious damage after some time; b) galvanic contact materials made from ferrous metals being applied to aluminium metal during manufacturing- leading to serious long-term corrosion damage, c)applying chemically aggressive chemicals on top of the thin coating.

No. Aluminium does not easily react chemically with other materials so exposure to aluminium is unlikely to be life-threatening. However, inhaling finely powdered materials made from aluminium can be hazardous, potentially causing chronic respiratory diseases or lung disease.

The amount of exposure also depends on how prevalent aluminium in the material is because exposure will vary between 1mg and 1000 mg per kg of body weight. This means that someone would need to breathe in 1000 times more air particulates than before to be at risk for health concerns like hyperactivity, irritability, loss of appetite. Increased hair loss and nausea are also possible effects but these cannot be quantified due to there being no specific number measuring frequency or quantity required for this response.