Evic Paint & Colour Technology

Paint and polyurethane coatings, designed and manufactured in Australia by Australia’s market-leaders in colour-matching technologies for a range of finishes

Shutters Quickly are always looking for ways in which we can improve on the already-fantastic products and services we offer, so when we find an amazing product that we know will add even more value to our top-quality, super-affordable plantation shutters, we use it!

Evic is Australia’s market leader in polyurethane coatings, with a product range designed for a variety of applications. Evic have designed, created, and perfected furniture and industrial paint coatings, suited for use across many industries, including window shutters, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, coatings for automotive, heavy vehicle, and aviation purposes, and much, much more. From timber stains to bring out the beauty of our Western Red Cedar plantation shutters, to perfectly colour-matched paint coatings to blend into your existing décor or match a new colour-scheme.

Evic clear coatings and stains for all kinds of timber

Evic’s range of clear coatings and fade resistant dye stains means that we can produce stained timber plantation shutters that will both highlight the beautiful grain of the timber from which your shutters are made and complement your living space.

Your Shutters Quickly wooden plantation shutters can be customised to your exact requirements with the comprehensive range of colours achievable with Evic’s fade resistant dye stains and hard wearing, high strength polyurethane clear timber finishes and sealants.

Evic high-definition coloured paint coatings

Evic high-definition coloured paint coatings

If stained timber is not really your thing, Evic’s high-definition coloured, or colour-matched, gloss and low-sheen polyurethane paint coatings for timber surfaces can have your timber plantation shutters looking fantastic, with a customised colour to accent your living space or to seamlessly incorporate your new plantation shutters into your existing decor.

Evic’s Polyester Primers are outstanding primers that display brilliant ‘flow and levelling’ properties, to ensure a high-quality finish that displays excellent top coat hold out and shrink back resistance. The range’s thicker, higher-pigment primers are perfect for use on raw timber and offer improved coverage on edges, where other primers and paint coatings often struggle to provide adequate edge coverage.

Evic’s 690 Series Polyurethane range of paint coatings is a completely new line of products that is the result of years of research and development by Evic’s R&D team. The high concentrate colour base system provides excellent coverage for their low sheen polyurethane paint coatings in virtually any colour, from pale yellow to the deepest blue – no more uneven, patchy low-gloss finishes, even in the darkest and most difficult colours. The super-fast curing time required for the low-sheen polyurethane coating enables high-productivity and extra-early packing – all year round and in almost any environmental conditions.

The high-build, high-gloss coating also uses the high concentrate colour base system, providing great coverage in almost any colour. This high-definition gloss polyurethane has excellent ‘flow and levelling’ properties that provide a deep, smooth mirror-like finish that dries without baking, The gloss polyurethane coating also offers fast wet-on-wet application, enabling improved productivity and next day packing in moderate drying conditions. It is perfect for hot and humid conditions, and is the ideal choice for tropical locations or for use on plantation shutters to be installed in bathroom, laundry, and kitchen areas.

Shutters Quickly plantation shutters and Evic Paint & Colour Technology: the perfect combination!

For the best-looking, highest-quality finish available for the best-looking, highest-quality plantation shutters on the market, Shutters Quickly use Evic’s Australian-designed and made polyurethane coatings. As specialists in producing finishes that are required in a specific colour, we know that we can rely on Evic to supply the stain, clear coating, or coloured polyurethane coating in a one-off fashion colour to suit each client’s requirements.

Evic’s superior-quality polyurethane coatings and Shutters Quickly’s carefully-crafted, custom-made shutters are both excellent standalone products in their own right, but put them together and the result is something spectacular: beautiful, durable plantation shutters in a range of stunning finishes, at prices that can’t be beaten (thanks to our 10% price beat guarantee on genuine retailer quotes on comparable products and services).

Talk to Shutters Quickly about Evic polyurethane paints and coatings for your new or refurbished shutters today.

Talk to Shutters Quickly about Evic polyurethane paints and coatings for your new or refurbished shutters today.

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