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The Best Plantation Shutters in Sydney Delivered by an Expert Team

With a population of over 5 million residents – that’s roughly 20% of Australia in one place – it should come as no surprise that the demand for plantation shutters in Sydney is continually growing. The team at Shutters Quickly works hard to provide stylish and practical window treatment options to our Sydney customers, delivering a wide range of the highest quality and best value shutters in New South Wales (NSW).

In much the same way that the city of Sydney has grown to meet the demands of its residents, Shutters Quickly has grown and developed to meet the needs of Sydneysiders seeking quality shutters and exceptional service, delivered directly to their residential and commercial properties all over the Sydney region 

Sydney’s best quality DIY made-to-measure blinds at the best price… quick as a flash!

Shutters Quickly specialises in supplying excellent quality, made-to-measure interior and exterior shutters across metropolitan Sydney and the Greater Sydney region, with a super-fast turnaround time. How?  

  • We deal directly with the manufacturers, with no middle-man, so we can offer you wholesale prices on all our shutters and blinds – and they’re even better value if you choose our DIY installation option!
  • We source the best materials and the best suppliers, to get you the highest quality shutters on the market.
  • We offer 100% Australian-made options on all imported shutters. Sourcing locally-made blinds and shutters from local suppliers means we can supply the window solutions you need in next to no time – no wasting time waiting around for overseas manufacturers, shipping, customs, etc.

We have the most comprehensive range of shutters available in Sydney, with styles and options to suit every type of window, and our team are with you every step of the way to help you find the perfect product to suit your space. 

From guiding you through our wide range of plantation shutters to helping you select the right materials, colours and finishes to suit your windows, your home, and your budget, Shutters Quickly are shutting out our Sydney competitors.

Window coverings installed by you or by us
Outstanding plantation shutters in Wollongong

Big deals on brilliant blinds and shutters for Australia’s biggest city

The city of Sydney isn’t just the largest city in Australia, it is the most populous city in greater Oceania. That amounts to a lot of homes and offices, buildings and businesses – not just in the iconic areas of the city including Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and Bennelong Point, on which the infamous Sydney Opera House and beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens are situated, but also across Greater Sydney’s satellite cities and CBDs, such as Penrith, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Chatswood and Hurstville. 

The benefits of living in Sydney are many and varied, and the city is a vibrant, must-see tourist destination, steeped in history. From the city’s earliest colonial origins, in The Rocks, to the refined elegance of the stately Queen Victoria Building (QVB) and Customs House. Then are the city’s more modern attractions, including the Sydney Aquarium, the Wildlife Centre, the Sky Tower and Luna Park.

With a multitude of historic and cultural sites, and a catalogue of retail opportunities, ranging from quiet coffee shops to bustling shopping malls, Sydney boasts a great collection of things to do, see and experience. It’s no wonder then that the city draws huge number of people to its doorstep every day – tourists and residents alike – all of whom are keen to experience the wonders and delights our country’s largest city has to offer! 

Home and business owners keen to make their home or business premises look its best and stand out in this extraordinary global city, trust Shutters Quickly to make their windows come to life with a huge range of high-quality window solutions at the best prices in Australia! 

The perfect blinds and shutters for better thermal regulation in Sydney’s changeable temperate climate.

100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed

Our team has years of industry experience in the manufacture and installation of plantation shutters, external roller shutters and motorised roller blinds, and we’re dedicated to ensuring all our customers are 100% satisfied with the products and service we provide, every time, without fail. How?

We have our own factory, located in Sydney, where we keep every shutter component in stock. So, in the unlikely event of a warranty issue, or if your blinds somehow get damaged, our service technicians can repair your blinds quickly and easily – no fuss, no hassle, and no waiting for the right parts to arrive. When you choose Shutters Quickly, you get made-to-measure blinds and shutters and a tailored service that is unmatched by any other plantation shutter company in Sydney. 

DIY Plantation Shutters in Sydney – check out our ‘Cheaper than Half Price Shutters’ deal!

We’ve already told you about our huge range of great value, made-to-measure plantation shutters and the superb quality of the craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing each one. You’ve also heard about our quick turnaround times, and the great customer service you can expect to receive… But, wait! There’s more!

How would you like to get in on our ‘Cheaper than Half Price Shutters’ deal? Shutters Quickly are offering custom-made, DIY installation plantation shutters, starting from a low $89… even better, we’ll throw in free delivery when you purchase shutters for 5 or more windows! That equates to HUGE savings – both on the shutters, and the freight! We even offer free temporary window coverings to protect your privacy while you wait for your beautiful new blinds.

PLUS, in the unlikely event that you receive a genuine retailer quote for an equivalent product Shutters Quickly will beat it by 10%, guaranteed. When you think about it, “great value” doesn’t even begin to describe the kind of incredible value that Shutters Quickly offers on top quality plantation shutters in Sydney!  

We’re shutting out the Sydney competition with our fantastic range of quality plantation shutters

When it comes to high-quality plantation shutters, we’ve got the Greater Sydney region covered. Shutters Quickly carry a fantastic range of standard-sized and made-to-measure internal and external plantation shutters, available in a huge variety of styles, materials, and finishes to suit every space. 

With product offerings from a number of carefully-selected manufacturers, we doubt you’ll find a more comprehensive range of blinds and shutters in Sydney. Plus, we can supply the shutters you need in next to no time! With 100% Australian-made options available on all imported shutters, we can manufacture your shutters in as little as 10 days.  


Shutters Quickly stock a range of internal and external shutters, shutter components, and products to keep your shutters in tip-top condition, sourced from a variety of respected manufacturers.

Because we deal directly with the manufacturers, we can offer you superb quality, made-to-measure products at wholesale prices. With both DIY and full installation options available, and a 10-day manufacturing turnaround on our Australian-made shutter options, Shutters Quickly are the smart choice for top-quality, affordable shutters – fast! 


Shutters Quickly can fit and supply internal or external plantation shutters in a variety of styles to suit both residential and commercial applications. We offer made-to-measure solutions for every type of window, including custom-made angled shutters for bay windows and uniquely-shaped shutters to fit bespoke windows. 

Our fitting and installation specialists have extensive industry experience and can offer suggestions and provide you with reliable advice on the best solution for your window. 

  • Full height shutters – covering the full length of the window or door, this style of louvred shutter offers excellent light and privacy control.
  • Tier-on-Tier shutters – with top and bottom louvred halves that can be independently controlled, this style of shutter offers complete control over light and privacy.
  • Café style shutters – covering only the bottom half to two-thirds of the window, this style of louvred shutter provides privacy control where you need it most while freely admitting light through the uncovered top portion of the window.
  • Solid wooden shutters – constructed of solid wooden panels, or a combination of both solid and louvred panels, this style of shutter is an excellent window treatment for external French doors and is perfectly suited for use as a cupboard door or room divider.
  • Fixed, hinged, or sliding shutters – Our shutters may be fixed in place or hinged to allow them to be opened inward or outward, or can be installed as a sliding panel. 

No matter which style of shutter best suits your window, you can customise their style and installation to create the perfect match for your needs.


Our unbeatable range of custom-made plantation shutters can be manufactured in a variety of materials, so there’s an option to suit every taste and budget. Our experienced design and installation specialists will guide you through the wide range of shutters in our catalogue and help you to decide on the most suitable window treatment options for you and your Sydney home or business. 

cedar wood plantation shutters
Western Red Cedar plantation shutters

A beautiful medium-density, lightweight softwood that provides the most effective insulation of all timber plantation shutters, for superior thermal regulation and energy efficiency. Cedar is incredibly durable and both heat- and moisture-resistant, making it an excellent choice for sturdy internal plantation shutters.

For those who prefer a warm and earthy natural look that showcases the grain, colour and quality of this beautiful timber, our cedar shutters are finished with UV-stabilised single-pack lacquer. Alternatively, these superior quality shutters can be painted to suit any colour-scheme.

Basswood Shutters@2x
Basswood (Tilia) plantation shutters

Also known as Tilia, Basswood is a sturdy, heat- and moisture-resistant hardwood timber with a fine-grained texture, providing a smooth and uniform base that is perfect for every kind of painted finish. Whether matte or semi-gloss, satin or high-gloss, you’re guaranteed to find a look you’ll love. 

Basswood is, without question, the most popular choice for wooden plantation shutters. In addition to offering excellent noise, light, privacy and air control, along with protection from damaging UV rays for your family, home furnishing and valuables, they also offer the best balance between quality and price. 

Our premium basswood shutters are made-to-measure and delivered directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to offer you the best shutters at cheaper than half price and a super-fast turnaround time.  

Shutters are more durable than blinds
Aluminium plantation shutters

Our durable and stylish aluminium shutters are finished with a high-quality, UV-stabilised, chip-resistant powder-coating in a range of colours and finishes, from matte to high-shine, providing a 100% waterproof, easy-clean shutter that delivers an ultra-modern look with superior longevity.

Our sturdy external aluminium shutters have a rigid core and strong aluminium shell that not only provides an extra layer of security to your home’s exterior, but can also span wider areas than traditional wooden shutters, allowing for a more unobstructed view.

Our sleek, modern, waterproof aluminium plantation shutters, with their easy-to-clean finish, are an excellent choice for wet and humid areas inside your home – such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.  

PVC Shutters
PVC Santorini plantation shutters

PVC plantation shutters are one of the cheapest plantation shutter options on the market, and our top-quality PVC plantation shutters by Santorini represent great value. Made of strong, durable PVC plastic supported by a tough aluminium frame, our PVC shutters are resistant to moisture, warping and degradation, and are super easy to keep clean.

Different construction grades allow for both internal and external applications, with lockable options for additional security. These incredibly versatile shutters also come in a diverse range of colours and finishes, so you are guaranteed to find a Santorini PVC plantation shutter to suit every window in your home – inside and out!  


Shutters Quickly offer a variety of finishing options, so you can customise your shutters to suit your personal style and home décor. 

Select your preferred material and paint or stain colour, and choose from a wide selection of frame type, louvre size, and tilt rod, to design the perfect aesthetic for every room or outdoor space. Update your home window treatments to create a cohesive look that either ties together the existing design elements of your home or business premises, and provides the stylish and elegant look you’ve been dreaming of. 


We pride ourselves on the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing all our Sydney plantation shutters. All panels in our cedar and basswood shutters are hand-made using either mortice and tenon joints or dowel Joints, locked in place with 100mm 8G Bugle Screws for superior strength and durability. 

If you choose a stained finish for your wooden shutters – like our stunning western red cedar shutters – we use un-jointed timber for a sleek and high-quality finish. Our painted wooden shutters are produced using laminated finger-jointed timber, offering a less expensive option that still provides a beautiful finish. 

Sydney external roller shutters and motorised roller blinds, in all styles and for all budgets

Shutters Quickly offers Sydneysiders more than just a fantastic range of custom-made plantation shutters. Our huge range of products also includes a wide variety of sturdy and durable external roller shutters and beautiful internal roller blinds. 

Roller shutters

Our external roller shutters are available in a variety of colours and styles, with the option to choose between motorised and manual operation. Designed specifically for exterior application, our roller shutters offer some fantastic benefits: 

With all the extra protection they offer, our high-quality, sleek, and durable roller shutters may even serve to lower your home insurance premiums, making your shutters even better value!

We deal directly with the manufacturers, allowing us to offer the highest quality and best range of roller shutters in Sydney at wholesale prices. Plus, our extraordinary 10% price beat guarantee ensures that, if you manage to find an equivalent product at a cheaper price (via a genuine retailer quote), you still won’t find a better deal than Shutters Quickly. 

Our external roller shutters come with a full warranty and repair service, so you can keep your shutters in top condition and extend their life. Our close relationship with manufacturers, and an experienced team of shutter repair technicians, means that our after-sales support and repair services are unbeatable – whatever the issue, we can typically have your roller shutters back in top form within 10 days. 

Roller blinds

We have a huge range of roller blinds to choose from – with both single blind and double or dual roller blind configurations, and manual, motorised, and automated options available.

We source our made-to-measure internal roller blinds direct from the manufacturer, so we can provide you with the best quality roller blinds at the cheapest possible prices. You can then opt to take up our full installation service, or save yourself even more dough by selecting our DIY installation option. 

We offer a range of operation modes for motorised roller blinds, including timer-operated, light-triggered, or remote control. Plus, if you’d like to motorise or automate your existing roller blinds, our expert service technicians can help to convert your manually-operated roller blinds by supplying and installing some of the best motors and automation systems on the market.

Don’t settle for cheap, ready-made, inferior-quality blinds from a department store or hardware store. We source materials and components from our local manufacturing facilities, to ensure a quick turnaround time on your new blinds, and our team specialise in the supply, installation, maintenance, and repair of roller blinds. Talk to Shutters Quickly about how you can get your hands on ultra-affordable, superior-quality, made-to-measure roller blinds from a small, locally-owned company. 

Every product and service you need for blinds and shutters in Sydney

Shutters Quickly have all your plantation shutter, roller shutter, and roller blind needs under control. We offer you: 

Shades ProTech

Shades ProTech Textile and Shutter Protector is an advanced, water-based cleaning and sealing product infused with nano-particles. We are excited to have direct access to this amazing product, which has been specially-designed to provide long-lasting, odourless, and invisible protection against fluids, UV rays, oil, grease, dust, and other stains, for both hard surfaces and soft furnishings. 

The water base of Shades ProTech allows for its safe application on even the most delicate of fibres – even silk! The nano-particles encapsulate each fibre, creating an impermeable barrier: 

  • textiles are shielded from UV damage, so that they retain their original colour and vibrancy for much longer. 
  • dirt and grime can’t penetrate the fibres, remaining on the outer surface of the barrier.
  • liquids simply bead on the surface of the fabric, allowing dirt, grime, and fluids to be easily wiped away.

The unique formulation of Shades ProTech provides a high-quality finish that inhibits the build-up of grime and dirt on hard, non-porous surfaces, such as your Shutters Quickly plantation shutters, and halves the cleaning time! 

Temporary blinds

If your windows are currently bare – and you’re not keen on pinning a blanket, sheet or towel up at the window with some thumb tacks – our pleated paper blinds offer a neat and tidy solution that provides you with light and privacy control. 

These generously-sized paper blinds come in a range of thicknesses, including a black-out variety for full light control, and can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit any window. Installation is a cinch, with an easy-peel adhesive strip at the top of the blind that is designed to adhere directly to the glass of your window or the top of the inner aluminium window sill. 

If you’re considering purchasing paper blinds as a longer-term window covering solution – for example, while you’re renting a property that has inadequate window coverings, or as an affordable solution while you decide on the kind of window treatment you prefer – our 10% price beat guarantee applies to our temporary paper blinds too, so you know you’ll always get the best price on temporary blinds in Sydney at Shutters Quickly.

We offer FREE temporary blinds with every purchase from our outstanding range of shutters and blinds, to provide you privacy and light control while you wait for your beautiful new Shutters Quickly window treatments to be manufactured and installed. 

Choose Shutters Quickly for the best plantation shutters, roller shutters and roller blinds in Sydney

Shutters Quickly provides Sydney customers with superior-quality products and service, helping to bring not only style, but privacy and light control to their homes and business spaces. We believe in cutting costs, not quality, and we achieve this through our direct access to manufacturers and wholesalers, which enables us to offer competitive pricing to our Sydney customers. If you’re in need of Plantation Shutters for your Sydney based home or business, get in contact with Shutters Quickly on 1300 206 097 or email