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If you’re looking for plantation shutters online, Shutters Quickly has got its Sydney-sider customers covered. With a population of over 5 million residents – that’s roughly 20% of Australia in one place – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the demand for plantation shutters in Sydney is only growing. We can’t be certain, but we’re willing to bet you can find some plantation shutters at The Sydney Opera House and the waterfront restaurants, hotels and attractions in Sydney’s beautiful Darling Harbour and Circular Quay areas. The outer suburbs of Sydney continue to experience a housing boom, especially Western Sydney and the suburbs on the North Shore. This means that more and more customers are looking for a plantation shutter product that will suit their homes, and with all their benefits they’re becoming a staple in Australian homes regardless of the postcode.

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The Shutters Quickly range of DIY plantation shutters

With direct access to the manufacturers, Shutters Quickly can offer a full range of shutters and blinds to their Sydney customers. With prices starting from as low as $89* for DIY plantation shutters ranges and a 10% price beat guarantee – it’s a pretty tough deal to scroll past!

  • Cedar Plantation Shutters
  • PVC Santorini Plantation Shutters
  • Roller blinds
  • Plantation Shutters
  • Aluminium Shutters
  • Basswood Shutters
  • Roller Shutters
  • Sliding Plantation Shutters
  • Lockable Plantation Shutters
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  • FREE measure and quotes
  • FREE installation for eligible products
  • 100% Australian made options on all imported shutters
  • FREE Temporary window coverings
  • Product warranties
  • 10% price beat guarantee
  • Repairs & maintenance by our service technicians
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Excellent customer support DIY guidance & resources

Sydney shutters by the expert team at Shutters Quickly

If you’re looking for the best plantation shutters in Sydney at the most affordable price, Shutters Quickly has the answer to your problems. With direct access to the manufacturers, we cut out the middleman and reduce our operating costs – that means we offer the cheapest plantation shutter price in Sydney, hands down. Our team can offer full installation, product repairs and warranty services, and does it all with fantastic customer service. So what are you waiting for? Call us today for an obligation free discussion and quote, or submit an enquiry online.

Do plantation shutters darken a room?

Yes, plantation or horizontal blinds are designed to block off the light from the outside. They are made to shut out light, but also to have an attractive appearance and also not to allow people to see into your home. They are put in windows so people can see out while not being seen themselves. Some windows will be fitted with both vertical blinds, which are the ones that are wound up and down manually, and horizontal blinds.

Are plantation shutters worth the money?

Shutters are the new style of decoration for homes and offices. These days, shutters have become popular because of their aesthetics and functionality. Shutters are not just for privacy. In some homes, they are used to make the house look more beautiful and to add more warmth to the house. Shutters may not be worth the money for someone who rents a house, but they are definitely worth the money if you own your house. These days, plantation shutters come in a variety of design and colours, and can be purchased cheaply.  They do not require any servicing and can be removed or installed by you.

Do plantation shutters add value to house?

The answer is a solid “YES”. Plantation shutters are one of the key items that add value to your home. These shutters are high-quality and durable. It will definitely improve the overall look of your home, and also add character to it. It’s a long-term investment that will not only improve the appearance of your home, but also increase its value.

Plantation shutters are very popular and the trend is here to stay for a long time. They are quite beneficial and they do add value to any property. They help create a cool ambience in the room, which is good for a number of reasons. They also keep wind and sun out, which means your cooling and heating systems would work more efficiently. Additionally, the plantation shutters provide privacy and security. They also add beauty to the house. If you want to create a good impression on your guests or want to protect your family from the outside world, then plantation shutters are the right thing to go for.

Should you put plantation shutters on all windows?

Yes. Plantation shutters are really great window treatments. They are durable and can last for a very long time. You should put plantation shutters on all windows in your home. It doesn’t matter if you have one or five windows, it’s a good idea to install plantation shutters on each window. The best part about plantation shutters is that they help save energy in your home. They reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home, which is better for the environment.

Plantation shutters are very popular for windows because they have a number of benefits that other types of window treatments don’t have. They’re easy to clean, and that means they’re easy to keep functional. They have a classic style, which isn’t going out of style anytime soon. They’re very durable. They have the same insulation value as double-pane glass. Some say that plantation shutters are the best option for preventing heat loss and water damage. They’re not for everyone, of course. If you like a window blind that can be raised or lowered, then you won’t like plantation shutters.

What are the most popular plantation shutters?

There are so many plantation shutter designs that it is hard to choose one favourite. However, plantation shutters really have a great number of options. Some good plantation shutter designs are louvered plantation shutters, translucent plantation shutters, vinyl plantation shutters, natural wood plantation shutters, plantation shutters with integrated insect screening. One pretty popular design of plantation shutters are awning plantation shutters. The awning plantation shutters are so popular because they are a very practical way to shade and protect great windows. They also provide great architectural interest to the building.

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