How to Measure for Curtains

How do you measure up for curtains?

A curtain is made to fit a track and depending on the size of the window should be wider than the window recess ensuring that the curtain stack does not cover the window when they are open.

If you are ordering a custom track, the curtains will be underslung and the track will be visible. If you order an expandable track the curtain will sit above the track.

With this in mind measure the exact width of your track in millimetres. 

We recommend measuring from the track down to 10mm off the floor for a full curtain effect. If you are top fixing the curtain you may want to measure to 20mm off the floor as the curtain will drop slightly over time. 

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Face Fix

A face fixed curtain is where the brackets are mounted onto the wall.

Top Fix

A top fixed curtain is where the brackets are mounted onto the ceiling. When measuring of top fix please note the curtain will naturally droop over time so it’s worth making extra allowances for the drop of the curtain. 

How to Measure for Curtains »

Once you’ve recorded your measurements head over to the product page, customise your order and we’ll send you our beautiful new curtains perfectly fitted for your window.

We couldn’t have made it any easier.

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